By: Earnest Jones | 11-22-2016 | News
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Trump will not signal enemy for enhanced interrogation

In an interview on Sunday, the Vice President-elect Mike Pence refused to clarify on the position of Trump’s administration regarding ruling out waterboarding of the nation’s enemies; following GOP Arizona Sen. John McCain’s scorching remarks that he doesn’t give a damn what Donald Trump intends to do; McCain continued saying that they will not water board nor torture. In the CBS News interview known as Face the Nation, Mike Pence responded by referring to Donald Trump’s famous speech in Ohio in which Mr. Trump pledged to focus on confronting and eliminating the radical Islamic terrorism from being a threat to the United States of America.

The Vice President-elect continued saying that Mr. Trump’s administration would never tell the nation what it was not bound to do; Mike Pence also added saying that Mr. Trump would never disclose his next move and the strategies in place to eliminate the enemy. Mike Pence said that it’s necessary for Donald Trump’s administration to make sure that it doesn’t disclose its next move since that will be more effective in the execution of the various policies that the new administration intends to unleash.

The Vice President-elect was also asked whether Mr. Trump’s administration had any intentions to reassess the nation’s current bearing against waterboarding; in response, Mike Pence responded saying that the President-elect had already clarified and expressed his stance on the same during the campaign trail saying that Mr. Trump had endorsed the whole concept of waterboarding against the enemies of the United States.

The Vice President-elect continued saying that Mr. Trump’s administration would not narrow down on one specific strategy or tactic; he said that following the meetings with Mr. Trump and the national security, national defense candidates it’s evident that the President-elect is overly determined to have men and women with extraordinary capability and background.

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