By: Jassalle Jash | 11-21-2016 | News

Breaking : Norwegian Politician Pedophiles Got Arrested Face New Life Behind Bars

Earlier this week, the Norwegian police carried out a crackdown on a high-profile pedophile ring that involves at least 51 suspects, many of which are lawyers, politicians and highly-educated individuals.

Some sources even believe that this network could be connected to the Pizzagate scandal currently plaguing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

The investigation on the pedophile network by the police force of Norway began after the law enforcers received information from a 2015 FBI case, which focused on the identities of users of the dark web. According to investigators, the suspects organized and participated in the pedophile ring through the dark web, which requires special software to access.

Once their identities were revealed, the Norwegian police began arresting the suspects. In Western Norway, law enforcers were able to arrest 20 male suspects. They were also able to identify 31 individuals who are also involved in the illegal operation.

According to the investigators, many of the abuses cases they were able to uncover involved infants. At least one of the suspects confessed abusing his own children. Many of these incidents of abuse were documented through videos and photographs, which amounted to about 150 terabytes of material.

“The materials show abuse of children of all ages, also infants,” Hilde Reikas, the head of police operations for the case known as Dark Room said according to RT.

According to Reikas, many of the cases involved “abuse of toddlers, children being tied, children who have sex with animals and children who have sex with other children.”

The latest crackdown is being dubbed as the largest abuse case to date in Norway. Due to its large-scale nature and high-profile suspects involved, some sources, including the Morning News USA, are linking the case to Pizzagate, which refers to an elite child trafficking network that is connected to the Clinton Foundation.

According to the news site, after Pizzagate was uncovered by WikiLeaks, the Norwegian government’s donation to the Clinton Foundation drastically dropped by 87 percent compared to last year. Some believe that this is a result of Norwegian officials distancing themselves from Clinton and her family due to the Pizzagate scandal.

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