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Police Need your Help: Australian Bomb Murderer Still on the Loose

Police are now releasing new information regarding John Burrows, who was killed by an explosion at his mother's New South Wales home

Law enforcement now claim that the bomb was remotely detonated, which makes it more likely that this was a premeditated attack against Burrows.

Burrows was a 58 year old greyhound trainer, and he was killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) as he was approaching his mother's garage in the tiny village of Portland back in July of 2015.

Investigators say that after months of speculation they were able to determine remains from the explosion were in fact consistent with an IED, which they believe exploded outside the garage.

Law enforcement also say that while they're unaware of how Burrows came into direct contact with the IED that it in fact had been concealed under a cardboard box.

Police also now believe that the IED wasn't simply a booby-trap style of explosion, but that radio-controlled receiver was used to detonate the bomb, which they say was likely "sourced by someone in the Portland community".

The specific style of receiver used in the explosion is commonly found inside model planes and helicopters, and has only been available since May of 2013, which leads police to the conclusion whoever was behind this was a professional.

Detective Chief Inspector Luke Rankin has pleaded with the public for help to assist in the investigation, which at this point has no suspects.

"We are particularly interested in speaking to retailers or people in the Portland area who may have sold an item on social media sites, garage sales or even disposed of at a local tip matching the description of the radio-controlled receiver," he said.


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