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One World: Hamas Leader ‘Praises’ Knife Attacks On Israelis

The infamous terror group Hamas is more than just saber rattling today, coming out with heavy praise of the recent knife attacker who slashed three Israelis to death.

The militant group which controls the Gaza Strip has long been at odds with Israel over disputed territory, but this week tensions have reached levels of catastrophic violence, with casualties on the ground.

Ismail Haniyeh called the attack a “heroic” sign of defense Sunday and said the assailant “lifted the heads of the nation high.”

The 20 year old Palestinian attacker jumped over the fence of a West Bank settlement and entered a house where a family that was celebrating the birth of their grandchild were gathered for their traditional Sabbath meal.

The Palestinian attacker stabbed to death Yosef Salomon, 70, and his children, 46 year old Chaya and 35 year old Elad, while his daughter-in-law escaped to another room to shelter her young children.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a ceremony Sunday soon after the victims were brought to rest that “terror will never defeat us.”

This news comes after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that Palestine would be cutting off all communications with anyone from the Israeli government and ending any peace negotiations with third parties.

The United States condemned not only this decision but the knife attacks that killed civilians. In a seemingly endless war of bloodshed between the two nations it now appears as if the anger has reached a new boiling point, with both sides as close to outright war on the Holy Land as they've seen in decades.

Israel set up new security measures last week which has enraged those in the Muslim community, only further escalating the already intense drama between each of the neighboring communities.

Israel claims it has no choice after Arab gunmen opened fire on a religious shrine, and Palestinians are suggesting the militants weren't part of any official doctrine they endorse.

However that hasn't stopped Mahmoud Abbas from making the horrendous statements encouraging praise of the attackers, which every side regardless of their stance believes to be evil when civilians are targeted.

Abbas’ initial announcement of suspension of “ties on all levels” left it unclear whether he was including security coordination.

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa quoted Abbas as saying Sunday that “when we made these decisions, we took a firm and decisive stance, especially with regard to security coordination.”

Earlier, Israel’s defense minister had said suspending such cooperation would mainly harm the Palestinians

Benjamin Netanyahu is becoming fed up with the use of Hamas as a tool to target Israelis, and has been sending more Israeli security forces to the regions which Israel views as terror hotbeds.


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