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Dem's Only Solace: Dream of 2020 Kamala Harris - “Obama With a Skirt & Longer Hair”

Move over, Hillary Clinton. You’re so 2016 and so over. The Democrats, it seems, have found a new ‘heroine’ to pin their new hopes on in 2020. Her name? Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is that feisty senator from California who became famous- or infamous- for bullying Jeff Sessions during his attorney general confirmation hearings.

Harris may be a new name and face but she fits the Democrat mold, a la Barack Obama, because like him, she is a far leftist with a vision of America as an “inherently racist, unjust, unfair misogynist nation” as described by The Washington Times. And because America is so broken, she is just what the nation needs to “fix” it.

Various sources have said Harris will definitely give the White House ambitions a run. One fundraiser at a Hamptons event said: “She’s running for President.” The Hill reported: “Take it to the bank.” And still another according to The Washington Times: “She’s absolutely going to run.”

So what else could the next Democrat presidential aspirant be like, if the female Obama still does not paint a complete picture? She is a former prosecutor with “an aggressive contempt for all things conservative.”

Just this week, she tweeted: “We have to keep showing up to fight the GOP’s radical agenda — on health care, on taxes, and many more important issues.” Another tweet with a link to a story, “Why Trump’s travel ban hits women the hardest,” from the Guardian: “Make no mistake: this ban disproportionately affects women and children.”

Harris has been consistent in making such a claim that the majority of refugees are poor mothers and their even poorer children. She seems to totally ignore all the photographs of young and single men, filing across borders by the droves.

Then there’s her view on the war on drugs, that it is not so much as a criminal matter or a personal failure but this: “Whole populations of people have been incarcerated for what is essentially a public health issue.”

Could it mean that under a “President Harris” term, she would release all the jailed dopers and pushers and use tax dollars to send them instead to rehab?

Another of her tweets gives clue. She said: “It’s clear, we must rethink criminal justice policy in terms of prevention first.”

The left only sees crime and punishment as matters of “haves and have-nots” — and for them most of the times, whites are the haves, minorities the have-nots, so their solution lies with wealth redistribution- another Obama favorite framework. Something Harris, of course, parrots. She tweeted: “The answer to fixing the criminal justice system is not to build more prisons or privatize those prisons. We’ve been offered a false choice about the criminal justice system. We are either tough on crime or soft on crime — I say be smart on crime.”

Such far leftist thinking translates to: “smart on crime means soft on reality.” It means looking at crime statistics, and seeing a disproportionate number of blacks behind bars and concluding a fault with the “unfair” system — something to do with inherent racism, rather than even a possibility of a fault with the individual, or community.

Harris for President, says the Washington Times, could very well be Obama with a skirt and longer hair.


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Anonymous No. 5553 2017-07-23 : 23:19

Or assuming Trump's not busy signing a few thousand Presidential pardons for him, his family, his friends and anyone he wants to sell America TO, sorry do business with. We could have another 4 years of him dividing up whats left between Russia and Beijing, he'd propably be happy to get a few more trademarks.





made in China.

Anonymous No. 5601 2017-07-25 : 05:26

I would rather have 'Animal' than Trump, at least he makes sense.

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