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Newcastle Pedophile Forced 6 Year Old Boy To Bite Pillow During Multiple Rapes

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Absolutely disgusting news coming out of Throckley, Newcastle, today as a pedophile who was charged with six counts of child rape had the story unfold in the courtroom.

The demented child predator was a 39 year old mechanic named John Bell, who was convicted of heinous crimes against an innocent six year old boy.

The child was repeatedly raped by Bell and claims he was in so much pain during the attacks that Bell told him to bite on a pillow during the horrific assaults.

Yes, this innocent angel at six years old will forever be traumatized by the actions of a sick man which raped him, who deserves public execution.

Pedophiles deserve no mercy, they should be killed, painfully. The child is said to suffer obvious severe psychological trauma as a result of the crimes against him.

Prosecutors say that Bell subjected the terrified boy to a series of painful sex attacks, six in total, all of which he denied in Newcastle Crown Court.

Bell was found guilty and jailed for 17 years for the infuriating sexual attacks on the innocent little boy. That punishment isn't nearly enough, since this six year old had his entire childhood stripped from him because of the actions of the perverted and evil Bell.

Police say that the 30 year old male pedophile Bell was a trained mechanic from Throckley in Newcastle. Bell tried telling the court that the little boy had already been raped by a member of his own family, but yet in reality he's the demon who chose to subject the child to further terrible abuse.

The family of the victim claims the boy has been left so traumatized and damaged by his horrendous ordeal that he has been damaging his toys and tearing up his clothes.

After the conviction at the Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Edward Bindloss noted that the offender had told the child not to tell his mother about the attacks, despite the child saying that he was scared, shocked, and worried.

The judge also noted that the pedophile knew he was hurting his victim and “told him to bite the pillow.”

The Judge upon sentencing gave the creep a long lecture, saying the following, “I’m satisfied you groomed him. You gave him sweets and took him on motorbike trips. You groomed him, acting for your own sexual gratification.”

Judge Bindloss went on to say, “You went on to rape him knowing he had been abused before. The psychological effects of what happened to him at your hands is likely to be very harmful for a long time.”

The child's mother now says he tries to harm himself. A six year old child who's so messed up from the assaults he tried to slice his wrists. Such a tragedy.

Judge Bindloss also said that since the sexual attacks began on the little boy when he was just 6 and 7 years old, he has begun self-harming himself, scratching himself to the point of bleeding. He’s also been tearing his clothes and damaging his toys.

“He is isolated and doesn’t want to play with other children. It’s quite clear he has been deeply affected by what happened to him.”

“This was a course of conduct where you abused him on a regular basis,” Judge Edward Bindloss told Bell when he sentenced him at Newcastle Crown Court.

Hopefully justice will be served to this monster behind bars during his 17 year sentence, where other can inmates redeem their own crimes in the eyes of God by paying this sicko back, with a long and painful castration.


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