By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-21-2016 | News
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Julian Assange Uses Cryptic Message to Debunk WikiLeaks Post on 8chan

Earlier this week, Julian Assange reportedly sent out a cryptic message debunking rumors that the WikiLeaks organization has been attacked and dismantled by shadow intelligence operatives. The message also claims that the stories circulating on image board website 8chan are fake.

For a couple of days now, Assange, the famed whistleblower and founder of WikiLeaks, has been presumed missing while some even believed that he’s already dead.

These speculations emerged shortly after reports of Pizzagate, which refers to the controversial link between Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation and a child prostitution ring in Haiti, surfaced. This reportedly prompted Assistant Director Monica Peterson of the Human Trafficking Center to travel to Haiti to investigate the allegations. However, sources claimed that upon reaching the Caribbean state, Peterson turned up dead.

Then, an individual claiming to be a staff member of WikiLeaks revealed that the organization’s facilities were raided during the same time that the Ecuadorian Embassy decided to cut off Assange’s Internet access. According to this person, following these events, all of the WikiLeaks staffers lost contact with Assange.

“We had several contingency communication plans in place, and I have been unable to contact Julian or any WikiLeaks personnel except for one through our alternative communication channels,” the person claimed through the 8chan post. “Julian is missing as are most of the WikiLeaks personnel that I had regular communications with. WikiLeaks personnel are not in control of the official Twitter account. The WikiLeaks IAMA on Reddit was not conducted by WikiLeaks personnel.”

The post strengthened the speculations surrounding Assange’s status and even confirmed the worst fears of his supporters.

But, on Nov. 20, a couple of days after the 8chan post was publicized, a cryptic message appeared on Blockchain, an online platform that monitors Bitcoin transactions. Through a series of transactions, the message “We’re fine 8chan post fake” appeared.

Many believe that the message came from Assange himself. It also seems to serve as a confirmation that WikiLeaks is still operational and has not been taken over by covert agencies. More importantly, it is an indication that Assange is still alive.

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