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Oregon: 17-Year-Old Teen Starts Gang Shooting with Baby In Arms

A violent wave of gang related crime has been spreading across Oregon as of late, mostly involving illegal immigrant drug cartels.

Police say a 17 year old Hispanic male handed off a baby he was holding and pulled out a 9mm and began shooting at rival gangbangers in Springfield, Oregon.

The attack occurred outside of a neighborhood market where a 23 year old male was shot in the thigh by the reckless criminal.

Law enforcement claim they found the victim at McKenzie Willamette Hospital about 40 minutes after the shooting, and the man refused to identify the shooter, likely due to gang ties of his own where these crooks won't talk to police.

The violence began in the parking lot of the marketplace where it then spread into the streets of the community near Meadow Park.

Several bystanders were able to capture images of the crimes on their cellphones and post them to social media where you can see other suspects being chased by the gunman.

A local little league baseball coach tried to intervene and break up the fight at the Walmart, where he says the suspects punched him in the face and ran to their vehicles.

The name of the shooter won't be released because he's a minor, and police are also not releasing the name of the victim or the coach who was punched by the suspect.

Police say the situation unfolded just after 8 PM on the E Street subdivision in Springfield in broad daylight.

Officers say that at least two of the gangs, some teens, some in their 20s; got in an argument in the parking lot of the Bungalow Market at 30 E Street after one of the groups arrived in a car yelling at the others.

"At some point one of the young men from the group associated with the vehicle, who had been carrying a baby inside the store, observed the ongoing altercation in the parking lot and passed the baby off to a young woman with the group and went outside to join in the developing melee," police said in a report. "It was this young man who pulled out a concealed 9mm handgun and began firing at the opposing group of young men."

Police then claim the gangs scattered, and more shooting happened behind the marketplace. The shooter chased the rival gang into Meadow Park, where several witnesses reported a fight to police.

That's when the baseball coach attempted to intervene in the situation before being assaulted according to police.


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