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Photo credit: USMC

Marines From Detroit Rescued Woman On Mt. Fuji In Japan

In another act of American chivalry and bravery, a Marine from Detroit acted in a life or death situation to save a Japanese woman trapped on Mt. Fuji.

Cpl. Christopher Ehms was hiking with four other Marines on Japan's highest mountain when they saw a woman unresponsive on the peak of the mountain.

This says she wasn't breathing and appeared as if she needed emergency treatment. The Marines quickly took off their shirts and made a makeshift stretcher out of walking sticks.

"We were just so calm during the whole situation and it was like it was natural," says Ehms. "We didn't even have to think about it."

Ehms and the other Marines then were able to perform emergency medical treatment to the woman, bringing her back to this realm somewhat although she was still “out of it” according to the men.

They placed her on the stretcher and began the hike down the mountain, this time carrying the injured woman to safety.

As they made way down the treacherous path to the lower elevation, the Marines and there would be rescued victim were fortunate to come across a local police outpost.

Ehms said he immediately ran inside for help, and police were able to call emergency responders to treat the woman. She is now expected to make a full recovery.

The Japanese locals honored the men as if they were heroes, which Ehms and crew say they greatly appreciated, but we're humbled by.

"Honestly that was very humbling," says Ehms. "It's kind of crazy that something that was so easy for us to do was being recognized by the Marine Corps."

The Navy and Marine Corps also designated the Marines with achievement medals for their camaraderie and bravery which will not soon be forgotten in assisting the woman.


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