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Why Communism / Socialism Never Works

There are a variety of reasons why these systems based upon a Communist doctrine continue to collapse, but little to no reason to back why they continue to be pursued.

Most would suggest the ideology itself was flawed from the general thesis of Karl Marx himself, who failed to account for a global economy nor did he acknowledge the resurgence of the sleeping dragon known as China.

Whilst China has a similarly oppressive system, the Asian powerhouse was never considered by Marx as a world player, and today it's become a relatively dominant manufacturing and production force of nature.

That combined by the physical and social oppression of the population in which resides under the failed system tends to result in broken hopes and dreams that can never lead towards prosperity.

There are a multitude of factors to consider. Communism generally removes individual incentives. Some people might think this is a benefit, since it eliminates greed and inequality, but it also destroys any sort of incentive to work hard.

Work ethic and productivity are crucial to growth and achievement regardless of how you view the world. When you are compensated roughly the same regardless of how much you work, how strong you are, or how smart you are, why would anyone put in more than the minimal effort?

The popular ‘Game Theory’ works well here. For example, if 1000 people work hard, everyone is 1000 times better off, until one person realizes he can do the bare minimum and still reap the rewards. Then the second, then the third, etc. It's a cycle of declination regardless of standards when there's no incentive.

Removing private property also removes the incentive to maximize its use. When no one "owns" it no one will take care of it. It's quite simple. The same exists in a free market society, if you're a ‘renter’ or ‘lease’ a vehicle, you care much less about the house or car if it's not yours, whereas when you own it outright maintenance is pertinent.

Another grave issue with the flaws of Communism would be prices. Prices are a perfect way to signal supply and demand. It is impossible for a central planner to determine the preferences of each individual in a nation, but free pricing can determine that accurately.

Not only do these policies lack merit and incentive, but in order to make any of these things work at all, you need a dictatorship to force people to do so. Who's going to stop others from cutting corners and finding the easy way out if not?

The reality is, if you're not working hard enough, and the theoretical ‘people's paradise’ doesn't motivate you, maybe the gulag will. Supply and demand not right? The government is forced to step in. One must have a driving force of fear to ensure the Communist agenda is fulfilled. Essentially you're a slave then.

Whilst these practices may be possible on a small scale, they really only work if people have the choice to buy in. What reason do U have to simply not flee your brutal regime (outside of the obvious fear of execution) if there is no benefit for me personally?

If you force entire nations to do so, it is going to be impossible to move out of the communist dictatorship, because you will always need the force of law to make people not follow the "natural" psychology of supply and demand and incentives.

I can't think of any practical way that the state will ever wither away, and in fact historically over time, the regime becomes even more ‘iron-fisted’ to accomplish its platforms. See Holodomor, where upwards of 25 million were executed in a barbaric fashion.

Basically, you can eliminate inequality in society by making everyone equally miserable, under the misguided premise of equality and a fairness doctrine. It just doesn't work, regardless of how you package it.

In the Communist hell hole of the Soviet Union for example, and the nations which it swallowed into its endless pit of despair, there was no such thing as private property.

I realize that's a shocker to Americans, and those living in a democracy, but if you owned land, a farm or farm animals, those became the property of "the people", or rather the state.

As if that's not confusing enough, that the material goods and such you worked hard your entire life to acquire isn't yours, adding insult to injury, they forced you to work those fields and feed the animals they took away from you. Try that in America. The government would be hanging from streetlights within 24 hours.

Also, in practicing religion, in any form of idolatry whatsoever, was forbidden. That being said older members of the society still practice such beliefs from the security of their homes, in the shadows of course, often literally because power in itself was limited if not scarce.

Not only was this oppression brutal, but it cruelly robbed people of any ambition and therefore the drive to work harder. Everyone was required to work, regardless of age or disability or gender or race. You either worked or went to jail.

While that actually sounds fair in terms of the definition of ‘equality’, at some point citizens realized their jobs were completely incapable to earn them any great luxuries, and that they had no actual choice as to what job or career path they could pursue. You were a rubber stamped sheep that belonged to the state, being herded into the corral of their choosing.

As I mentioned earlier some people who either became fed up or just didn't care at all managed to find ways to cut corners or just become outright lazy. So they would be employed in the same line of work as you and work the same job earning the same amount as you. No matter how badly they slacked off, they knew they weren't going to be fired.

At some point in your life, you also then begin to wonder why you're killing yourself when there's nothing special to achieve, a la the “shit rolls downhill” concept, except it's a reality. Unless of course you kiss the ass of Communist party members and become one of them. They got rich by stealing, through bribes, theft, oppression, fear, I could go on and on.

Millions, however, worked for the Government and their job was to create a bureaucratic nightmare. If you as a member of society actually came into government offices in order to get anything done, it took months and they treated you as if they were doing you a favor you didn't deserve.

That disrespect of the people creates a fire from within that wants to revolt. Eventually even store clerks adopted this attitude because the store was owned by the state so there was no private business owner to answer to, so literally, everyone didn't give a single damn as to the livelihood of other people.

As you can probably imagine, in such a hellish world there were demons roaming freely in the sense that the Government corruption was so intense that you couldn't even achieve some of the most simple things without a bribe.

If your child was having issues in school, and you wanted the teacher to focus on helping your student overcome the failing test scores, oh no, a teacher wouldn't offer to teach.Inevitably parents were forced to bribe teachers for their children's passing grades.

Say you were intelligent with high test scores, and your academia understanding was off the charts in relation to other students. In America, you'd likely be awarded a scholarship to an Ivy League or prominent University.

Not in the Soviet Union though, if you wanted to get into a good College, grades made little difference. It was all about who you knew and who you could bribe. This hurts the overall advancements of their society by placing idiots into leadership roles. Not that the Marxist universities in modern America are any different, but there was a time when education in America leads to excellence.

The same in regards to healthcare occurred in the Soviet Union. For all the endless kvetching of the Marxists in the United States today, they fail to realize even socialized healthcare was corrupt.

People wouldn't show up at a doctor's office without gifts, at minimal a bottle of vodka, because why would the doctors give a damn about your cancer when they're all paid the same regardless of the outcome?

Imagine having a three-year-old suffering from leukemia, where it would be crucial to your child's life to have attentive and brilliant doctors who can help you and your child survive. You want the best for them? That wasn't an option for Soviets.

For all the complaints about a wall in Trump’s America, in the Soviet society borders were closed and you were no longer allowed to travel to the west.

If for some reason it was an emergency and you absolutely had to go, you were forced to leave one of your children behind to motivate you to come back. This is the barbaric totalitarian essence that underscored Communism.

If you were brazen enough to decide to leave your family behind and escape into another country, they would seize your property and interrogate your family, and in many cases, just kill them. Of course, if the left behind family were female, they'd be raped by the Mongolian savages.

If you did leave and later decided to return, you would go to jail for however long they wanted you there. No due process whatsoever, no trial, but simply toss your living corpse into a dungeon and dispose of the key.

When they closed the borders to the West in order to trap the Soviets into their regime of authority, a lot of intellectuals and professionals with skills chose to migrate out of the country while they still could.

As expected this left behind a miserable selection of professional doctors or whatever educated career that needed the brightest in order to excel. Since socialized medicine took effect, anyone could go to the doctor for any little ailment which overwhelmed the system.

Have you ever been to a hospital in a large city? Even a medium sized city? Then you realize the strains the healthcare system undergoes when even 19% of the population needs treatment like you see in America.

Unfortunately, there were not enough doctors or specialists in the Soviet society, so hospitals were short-staffed and overcrowded beyond your wildest imagination. Financing was almost nonexistent and funding for the treatment was so far into the negative that hospitals couldn't afford the medicine and supplies to go around.

In the example, a rather simple to the dentist for a filling or extraction in many cases meant no pain killers, due to the lack of supply or even the budget to afford it to begin with. If you've ever had a toothache, then you know the eternal suffrage of such pain.

For all the claims from modern Marxists about National Socialism burning books, which it did, although most were degenerate filth that could indoctrinate the proud youth, under the Communism of the Soviet Union western movies, music, or even reading western books was not allowed.

This of course created a black market of resistance, in which people smuggled videotapes of western movies, but technically this was against the law. This is a major reason why piracy exists at all in today's society, due to the oppressive Communist regimes outlawing the various indulgences of the entertainment industry.

As per the educational system, it literally indoctrinated kids into believing that Russia was the best country on earth. Not that America doesn't do the same, but they would say that people to the west were starving and dying due to their ignorance.

Of course, that was not true in the same way they tried to make it out to be, but the point is there was a very distorted world view being set forth into a developing child's mind. Much of that same system is now being force-fed into the hearts and minds of American youth today, and that's where it originated from, the cultural Marxists of the Soviet Union who inevitably migrated into California and invested in American politics after the Soviet collapse.

Let's discuss food, because everyone needs to eat in order to survive. Groceries were very hard to come by, and the supply was also limited. Individuals had to stand in line for hours to get a loaf of bread, oranges, bananas, lettuce, etc.

Specific foods and indulgences simply couldn't be acquired at all except during holiday seasons or special events. For example, oranges were a special treat around Christmas.

When it comes to the additional basic necessities such as clothing or toiletries, the same limited supply was the norm.

Coats or jackets or jeans were hard to come by and most people were careful to wear them on more special occasions, because they may not be able to replace them.

Much of this is why film depicted Soviet suffrage with children wearing patchwork rags for months on end, because well, that's what happened.

Eben coming across soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, was next to impossible in many areas. Again the greedy government employees lived in luxury, soaking up most of these things, so the people's party which was supposed to be equal went without.

Due to the supply shortages, especially in crops, school aged children were often required to work the fields when they didn't have to be at school.

Yes, your son or daughter who should have been focusing on playing tag and doing their homework couldn't, because instead, they had to grow peanuts and pick cotton.

There was a boom in population growth, with no understanding that parents couldn't afford to feed new children. The problem with the new families, of course, is that the new families needed more housing.

Limited land that wasn't being used for government purposes inevitably led to large housing complexes sprouting up around the country and they literally all looked the same.

Think of the projects in say, the Bronx. Ugly roach motels, shaped as cement rectangles. Literally identical to one another, so much so that it was a common joke amongst the soviets who lived in these cement sardine cans, that they often walked into the wrong building thinking that's where they lived

Again the lack of work ethic took a toll on these facilities as well, because contractors and construction workers simply didn't give a damn about the quality control of their work. These buildings started falling apart and there was no money to fix any of them, so they crumbled from within while everything inside them was breaking all the time without any maintenance.

Since the suffrage included food shortages, and people were still trying to raise families, those people had to raise animals and plant their own gardens to supplement their food to survive.

While most Soviets simply couldn't afford to buy coal or wood to heat their houses in the winter, they had no choice but to go steal it, or if they could afford the extra coin, bribe a local woodworker to look the other way while men and their sons chopped trees in the government forests at night so their families wouldn't freeze to death.

Many times people did freeze, the elderly, or the sick, dying from simply not being able to heat their homes.

Another factor for pet lovers here is that owning dogs was a luxury. Few if any could afford to feed them not to mention pay government mandated taxes for owning them. For the taxation is theft crowd that does exist in America’s Communist left, this is something most of you are simply too naive to even know.

Something else that you can see occurring in modern America, which should be a warning to each and every one of you, is that historical monuments were destroyed and gutted by the government using the same reasoning and logic of racial oppression of offensive nature that's being used in America now.

Many times museum's art and their valuables were stolen and sold to foreign collectors, Castles and mansions which had existed for centuries were now a symbol of capitalist evil, so when they kicked the owners out of them, they then used them to house livestock, if they didn't outright destroy them entirely.

As if we haven't eerily discussed the similarities with modern America enough, in the Soviet Union citizens were being spied on openly. If you spoke up against the government, you were as good as gone.

If your neighbor didn't like you, all he had to do is accuse you of expressing your anti-government beliefs. The secret police could show up at your door at any time. If they wanted to audit you, they would do it at their own convenience for whatever reason they wanted.

Americans should understand this, especially now as these so called ‘anti-semitic defense groups’ such as the ADL and others place members of opposing political parties or ideologies onto ‘hate lists’ simply because they don't agree with them.

Keep in mind as well, much of the origins of cultural Marxism itself coincide with Zionist views, and their Jewish founders. Such groups often times abuse the victim card in order to actually oppress the opposition. Again, that's something which is occurring in America now.

When it comes to sports or the Olympics, Soviet athletes were forced to be the best to represent the greatness and superiority of Communism. When they screwed up they were punished, jailed, and in some cases executed.

Once the science of human growth hormones and steroids became widely known, those athletes essentially became forced to use them as guinea pigs, to hope to display to the world that Communism was somehow more powerful when their athletes would win.

All of these above-mentioned topics only underscore the importance of liberty and freedom, while they also highlight the importance of prosperity.

Prosperity simply never existed under Communism, or Socialism, or any hybrid theory of the two in between.

Eventually, the entire system collapsed when the government went bankrupt, which happens in these countries, every single time.

The people began to revolt, oftentimes out of rage, and even more so because they would have starved to death towards the end. At that point, the Communist party had nothing to steal anymore, nothing to offer, and the people had nothing to lose.

The Communists essentially handed over the keys to the failed paradise after they destroyed everything they could possibly destroy. I'm sure I could keep going, but I believe anyone who's read this understands the tone. Communism, Socialism, it just doesn't work.

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Anonymous No. 5525 2017-07-23 : 06:02

>INB4 first post

All communists in America should be charged with treason and if convicted executed

Anonymous No. 5529 2017-07-23 : 11:07

Well said

Niggerkiller1488 No. 5530 2017-07-23 : 11:56

Communists are fucking retarded niggers. They were on leftypol talking about giving people vouchers in exchange for labour, like people want fucking vouchers. This, for them, is a step towards their "abolition of value"

Anonymous No. 5532 2017-07-23 : 14:17

This is another in the long line of countless anti-communist hack pieces written by someone who does not understand socialism, has never read any socialist writers, and ignores all historical and geopolitical context.

Russia went from an agrarian feudal monarchy to the 2nd most powerful country in the world. Their standard of living under the USSR, while still behind the modern West, was a vast improvement from their czarist period. American jingoists like the writer ignores the fact that Western countries had insurmountable historical advantage from colonialsim, earlier industrialisation, and friendly diplomatic and economic relationships. The same can be said for China.

Also, socialism is a relatively new form of statehood. Like capitalism before it, and feudalism before that, it does not come out fully formed. It needs to work out the kinks through trial and error. It is a work in progress. But make no mistake, socialism is the way of the future.

Capitalism is naturally deteriorating in its final stage into oligarchy. It can only be held together by martial force, as we are seeing in increased surveillance and police militarization. It can't hold back the discontent of the masses forever. Socialist revolutions are inevitable because the oligarchs will never willingly give up their privilege. Either it succeeds and we have socialism or it fails and we have fascism.

Anonymous No. 5535 2017-07-23 : 15:06

What the unholy fuck, was that, I don't know which was worse the overblown twisted logic of the original article or the malnourished lack of info comment. To be slightly fair to both communism and facism(who by the way both use the word socialism like an overused condom)have good and bad points, same as capitalism which whilst imperfect at least has more freedom than either of the other two. In essence there needs to be a new system found which covers all bases to thus maximise personal and civil freedom whilst maintaining a central system to oversee security, maintaining infrastructure, etc. The American system was pretty good as far as it went, unfortunately though the legal system has so twisted meanings and allowed for so many restrictions and evasive clauses that it's become a mockery of itself, privelige rules simply by force of they with most cash get best lawyers(again oversimplified). The grim reality is that all current systems are out of date and need resetting, but perhaps more frightening is americas current crisis, they most likely are being played by outside forces(2 come to mind) which likely have made the election illegal making Trump(i believe he's a patsy at best) a false president and instead of removing him(and to be honest i also suspect pence as too convenient), putting in place a temporary president, making a new election and running an investigation into who are guilty, innocent, etc regardless of side, country,etc. What they are doing instead is exactly what is wanted destabilisation, finger pointing, blind ignorance of facts(on both sides), while many would say it's overblown, I see a real case for chaos. like i say remove trump and pence, etc, install an interim government, new election properly monitored, full investigation, take down the guilty, absolve the innocent, do it now. Then workn on cleaning the system, remove the clutter, special interest groups, etc. chop out unneeded law amendments, you get the idea, the pity is it won't happen.

Anonymous No. 5550 2017-07-23 : 22:55

Asshurt Marxists Above Me

Communism never works and always fails.

Anonymous No. 5557 2017-07-23 : 23:41

Anonymous 7/23/2017 23:55:43 No. 5550

Asshurt Marxists Above Me

Communism never works and always fails.

Dear braindead, I'm the poster just above you, I know it hurts but do at least 'try' to read, I called out issues with both facism and communism, it's just plain embarrasing for your teachers when you can't even comprehend that. I personally suggest adult learning and then perhaps attempting to read again, good luck with your education, I fear you will need it.

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