By: Savannah Smith | 11-22-2016 | News
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Judge To Citizens: Leave the U.S. If You Can Not Accept Trump; Italian City Offers Asylum To De Niro

What both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can not- or refuse to- say inspite of their so-called adherence to democratic values, armed with the knowledge of law and lots of common sense, one Texan judge tells it as it is.

Judge John Primomo tells brand- new American citizens that they are free to leave the U.S. at once if they can not accept the fact that Donald Trump is the new president of this country. The judge made the bold announcement while conducting citizenship ceremony in San Antonio late last week.

Judge Primomo said that it does not matter whether the new citizens voted or not for Trump. What matters now is respecting the man and the office consistent with the democratic ideals of the nation.

Primomo also said that while it is a citizen's right to protest about things happening in the country, that does not give anyone the right to disrespect national symbols like the national anthem and the U.S. flag. Primomo said this in relation to athletes who protest during the National Anthem by kneeling on the field while the song is being played like NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Interestingly, the judge admitted that he did not even vote for Trump but he has accepted the fact that he is the duly elected president.

Following Primomo's common sense challenge, known Trump hater actor Robert De Niro can now freely make good on his campaign threat to leave the country should Trump wins. Since Trump is taking over the White House on January next year, De Niro should take heart with the fact that a city in Italy would be honored to offer him asylum.

Mayor Antonion Cerio of Ferrazzano said that their place is a perfect location for the actor to forget about the crushing defeat of his candidate, Hillary Clinton, and for De Niro to avoid an altercation with the President-elect whom he threatened to punch.

The celebrity, while expressing his huge disappointment with the election results, has softened on his tough earlier threat to hurt Trump. " I can not do that now, he is already the President."

In any case, the actor can always heed Primomo's advice to leave the country if he can not accept the simple truth that Trump is the new President, and should give a call to the Italian mayor to take up on his offer for refuge.

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