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Resorts in Mexico Drugging American Tourists for Robbery, Sexual Assaults and Extortion

Tourists in Mexico strongly suspect being drugged in the resorts they stayed in, and fell victims to various crimes after including robbery, sexual assault, extortion, and in one tragic incident even led to the death of a female tourist.

Investigations are still ongoing for the drowning incident involving 20-year-old Abbey Conner that took place at the swim-up bar Iberostar Hotel & Resorts’Paraiso del Mar. The family of the victim also sent a lawyer to the five-star resort frequented by tourists to check out the scene and prepare a report. He noticed something disturbing. The lawyer said: “They serve alcoholic drinks with alcohol of bad quality and in great amounts, mixing different types of drinks.”

Such an observation offers a possible lead into Conner’s death, given that she supposedly drowned within a couple of hours only since arriving at the resort with her family.

There are also several other accounts from tourists who spoke to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to share their own harrowing experiences at Iberostar and other resorts around Cancun and Playa del Carmen the past months. They experienced sickness, blackouts and injuries after drinking at the said resorts. They believed they were drugged or the alcohol may have been tainted. They find it puzzling how they could fall into a stupor so quickly. They wonder if they have been targeted in the first place.

The motives differ. It could have been robbery as in the case of teenage brothers from Minnesota who went there for a vacation with their parents. They passed out after drinking, got separated and woke up with their wallets and mobile phones already missing.

One woman was Wisconsin who came there with her husband believes she has been a victim of sexual assault after the couple also passed out. Her medical examination results prove she has been sexually attacked.

There’s also the element of extortion as various victims suspect that the resorts are in cahoots with local hospitals which appear to be gouging them, demanding huge sums of cash. One man was instructed to take a cab to an ATM. Iberostar also contracts with Hospiten and refers sick and injured guests to Hospiten's facilities. Conner's family paid about $17,000 to a small medical clinic south of Playa del Carmen and after only several hours paid tens of thousands more to a hospital in Cancun, north of the resort, where Abbey and her brother were transferred.

Some suspect it could also all be due to the cheap, illegal drinks.

A 2015 report from Mexico’s Tax Administration Service found that 43% of all the alcohol consumed in the country is illegal, produced under unregulated conditions that could have resulted in possibly dangerous concoctions.

The bootleg liquor could be infused with grain alcohol or dangerous concentrations of methanol, cheaper alternatives to producing ethanol. And the mixtures can make people extremely sick.

Those interviewed said the feeling of being drugged is markedly different than that of being drunk. They felt certain that whatever happened to them was caused by more than drinking too heavily.

Nearly 300 U.S. citizens have drowned in Mexico in the last decade, 39 last year alone, many under mysterious circumstances.


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Anonymous No. 5558 2017-07-23 : 23:55

For drownings, America has an average of about 3,536 per year

As for Druggings for Robbery, Sexual Assaults and Extortion, you really want to go there?

'Cough, New York, Cough, Las Vegas, Cough, Florida', damn, I think I need a doctor.

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