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Photo credit: Oklahoma City Police Department

Oklahoma Man Arrested For Smashing 3-Month-Old Baby Against Wall

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after his ex-girlfriend claims he smashed her three month old baby against a wall.

The mother, Pandora Smithpeter, says that her son, Triton, was only three months old when the violent incident took place.

Pandora says that she was taking a shower at her southwest Oklahoma City apartment when she heard crying from her child, and then her then boyfriend, Deven Chapin, walked into the bathroom where she was showering.

“I come out and Deven is standing in the doorway of my bedroom and he's handing me the baby," she said. She says the boy was badly injured. “He had a lump on the side of his head and I started freaking out. I started crying,” said Smithpeter.

After she called 911 for emergency medical treatment an ambulance then rushed the baby to the hospital.

Sergeant Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department said, “EMSA took the child to the hospital where it was determined that the child had serious, if not severe head injuries.”

Both the child services and police investigators as well as the doctors at the hospital said the injuries Triton received weren’t accidental.

“They say he had a fracture on the left side of his skull and another fracture on the right side of his skull and he had a rib fracture and they're telling us, you know, this isn’t an accident,” said Smithpeter through tears. “This couldn`t have accidentally happened.”

Investigators then questioned both Smithpeter and Chapin, as a precaution to determine what actually happened to the child. Smithpeter says Chapin even attempted to blame the injuries on other children in the home

She says however the next day law enforcement told her the brutal truth, “They told me that Deven had admitted that he threw Triton because he was frustrated because he wouldn`t stop crying,” said Smithpeter.

She went on to say, “And the detective also told me he claimed that he blacked out and didn't remember and he's also claimed that he threw him to the bed and he bounced and he hit the wall.”

The innocent three month old child was released from the hospital several days later, but his mother fears he could have a permanent brain damage as a result of the disgusting man's actions.

She said she has a message she wants sent to her ex as well, “Deven, honestly, I have no words. I have nothing to say. I don't understand what could have possessed someone to be so evil.”

Deven Chapin is now being detained in the county jail charged with child abuse of a three month old child. Fortunately for Deven, the county jail has a television which broadcasts the local news.

If he's lucky, some other actually tough guys will see the broadcast, and he'll be able to pick on someone his own size.


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Anonymous No. 5517 2017-07-23 : 01:49

Hope this man gets buttraped in prison.

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