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Photo credit: Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

Rowan County Police in Concord, North Carolina, are now praising officers for the capture of a savage child killer.

Police say the disgusting leftist hippie turned baby killer, Houston Ray McCarn, has been finally arrested after being found at the Howard Johnson Motel in Concord

Rowan County Police Detectives say that McCarn along with his girlfriend Amber Scarborough, were both wanted for for the First Degree Murder of Kingston Aistrop, and Felony Child Abuse Causing Serious Body Injury.

The innocent child who they brutally murdered, Kingston Aistrop, 8-months-old, was first reported to not be breathing when the mother called 911 back in July of 2016.

Police investigators say the not only did they murder the child, but the poor angel was covered in bruises from head to toe from severe physical beatings. This was an eight month old child. Disgusting.

The final results of medical Examiner’s report were released in July of 2017, a year after the horrendous murder, in which Rowan County Sheriff’s investigators obtained arrest warrants for both McCarn and Scarborough

Police say that Houston Ray McCarn will be placed in the Rowan County Detention Center under no bond. Hopefully other inmates are aware of his perverse actions

Investigators also then arrested Amber Scarborough in Rockwell, North Carolina, after tips believed to have come from her partner in crime and former lover led officers to find her on Friday.


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Disgusting, it's only the right who are allowed to get away with killing babies, HH.

Anonymous No. 5704 1501156835

8weeks, not 8months!

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