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Want Asylum? Go to Canada #MAGA

In another display of “I'm just not sick of winning”, the number of asylum seekers that are now flowing across the border has increased for the month of June. Here's the clincher: They're not crossing into the U.S. border, they're crossing into Canada.

While Justin Trudeau preaches his never ending open borders mantra of idiocracy, those asylum seekers that once flooded into America, are now infesting Canada.

Newly released government figures show that those same asylum seekers crossing into the unknown wilderness of degeneracy in Canada were published on Friday, showing that the Trump effect has been meme’d into a reality.

In just the past month 884 refugee ‘asylum seekers’ were caught by Royal Canadian Mounted Police flowing into Trudeau’s Canada, increasing the total for the first half of 2017 to 4,345, according to the data.

Ironically, 88 percent if those ‘Asylum Seekers’ from the month of June went directly into the province of Quebec. The prior two months the majority of the welfare seeking immigrants were headed into the province of Manitoba.

The best part of the entire situation is that Reuters spoke to a large number of these individuals, all of which said they “left the United States because they feared deportation” thanks to President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown. Raise your glasses America, because we're winning.

Once these illegal immigrants arrive in the open borders concept of Canada, they aren't exactly free to roam either, contrary to what Justin Trudeau might tell the world.

In fact upon their capture they are not only detained, but they're held facing a multitude of questioning and security screening before ever being allowed to file refugee claims. Ironically, they're better off never coming into the United States at all, because the asylum application or Canada punishes those who were in the United States in most cases.

Not that we're complaining, in fact we encourage these future welfare recipients to not come here at all. This is likely the best area of focus that America and Canada can agree upon with immigration: Stay the hell out of The United States all together.

If refugees really want acceptance into Canada, they can go ahead and take that boat all the way around the east and west coasts of America and never step foot on our soil. In fact we should encourage the United States Coast Guard to not bother stopping refugee boats when they're avoiding the US going to Canada, because that sounds like a winning game plan.

Canada is now on track in 2017 to have the highest number of total asylum seeking claims since the year 2011, which was one of the highest on record due natural disasters across the globe.

Many say that the increasing numbers in Canada are taking a toll on the costs of Canadian infrastructure, having to detain and feed the invaders before they free them. If you kill your enemies, they win, am I right?

“We will grow the economy from the heart outwards.” Eh? Okay Canada, enjoy that meme.

The Canadian government has defied continuous calls from it's own citizens to turn the asylum seekers back at land border crossings, citing the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, which advocates say is the very reason so many are crossing illegally into Canada.

Meanwhile America isn't complaining, enjoy that diversity Canada, because when it becomes a Jihadi hellhole, you surely won't be enjoying it then.


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Anonymous No. 5501 2017-07-22 : 15:39

The funny thing is that every single american aside from the native ones are from somewhere else, the hypocrisy is amusing. That 88% crack, letting out your inner white supremacist? oh wait i forgot, you claim elsewhere they don't exist, well i suppose it's hard to keep your lies straight what with all those red pills. By the way i rewrote this bit for you, [In another display of “I'm just not sick of whining”] big smile, biiiig smile :)

Anonymous No. 5502 2017-07-22 : 15:45

We dont want them either

Day of the rake, when

Anonymous No. 5507 2017-07-22 : 16:34


There is no such thing as 'native' Americans you low IQ subhuman

Indians migrated from Asia

Anonymous No. 5511 2017-07-22 : 17:52

Yes, you are reasonably correct, whilst totally ignoring that they were there before you and yours, you rejected scrapping from a gay monkeys but drippings, however it still does not detract from the overall statement that you are also immigrants, or descendants thereof you sputiodal jizzstain from a crackwhores leprose cunt. in fact if you want to 'try' to get clever(i promise not to laugh, much), if anything the incan descendants for example or a few others with which i shall not try to educate you have a better claim as they at least were on the fucking continent long before you dripped off your daddys arse, you septic, syphilitic nightmare from trumps rape victims.

Do you understand, or perhaps you wish me to elucidate further using the same sub par responding skills to which you are clearly used to, by the way i would suggest that you take a look at the movement of humanity over the millenia in greater detail, it may help you understand why your ancesters ran away.

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