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Video : Brave Elderly Man Thwarts Armed Robber At Fresno Starbucks

What should have been an easy going caffeine fix at a Fresno Starbucks turned into a scene of terror as a robbery attempt via knife point was caught on surveillance video.

As the cashier was beginning to unload the register into the would-be thief’s bag, the surveillance footage shows the bravery of a 58 year old man who police Chief Jerry Dyer called a “courageous hero” put his own life in danger to take down the criminal.

The hero of the day, Cregg Jerri, 58, and the suspect Ryan Michael Florez, 30, were both stabbed during the fight that the video displays the brutal and relentless criminal using the knife to stab the elderly man to try and get away.

Florez was able to eventually get away and later tried to tell police he was himself a victim of the robbery. Police Chief Dyer said that's not the case, and that Florez was undoubtedly the criminal in the video.

The Fresno Police Department released the footage praising Cregg Jerri as truly noble hero that tried to save the day, and several times during the video you can see the older man taking the much larger younger man to the ground.

Florez will be charged with both attempted armed robbery and felonious assault with a deadly weapon when he is booked into Fresno County Jail.

Due to the stab wounds and outright beat down of the suspect by the older man, Florez is now in the hospital being treated. Doctors say he will likely be there for a few days recovering from stab wounds he received with his own knife during the fight with Jerri.

Jerry, however, being the last of a dying generation of real men, only needed a few staples and stitches to close a stab wound he received during the fight, and said he was good to go home.

The robbery occurred shortly after 5 PM when Florez entered the Starbucks at Herndon Avenue and Golden State Boulevard in northwest Fresno carrying a both a yellow bag and a large knife along with a fake handgun, all while wearing a blue “Transformers” mask. The barista says as soon as he came to the counter he began demanding cash.

Jerri, 58, just so happened to be seated at a table using a tablet nearby when the crime happened. He says as soon as he heard Florez make his demands, that he grabbed a chair, the most nearby weapon he could find, and slammed it on Florez’s back twice.

Jerri then struggled with the criminal, slamming him to the ground and landing several blows to his skull before Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck. Jerri got hold of Florez’s knife and stabbed Florez in the face and torso in return.

Florez was however able to finally get away and drove a stolen truck to Dakota and Fruit avenues, where witnesses say he then abandoned it and ran toward a canal.

Several locals noticed him bloodied and called the police for help. Florez tried to tell the officers he had fallen victim to a robbery.

It just goes to show, that there is no crime that goes unpunished, and no good deed that goes unwarranted. Hopefully Starbucks will offer the hero, Jerri, free coffee for the rest of his life.


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Marti Jerri No. 5500 2017-07-22 : 15:31

He is my brother in law and a great guy and he hates violence but he did what he felt was right and his whole family backs him 100 present

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