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Anthrax Mail Terror Faked

At around 11 AM, the Coshocton Municipal Court in Ohio received a letter with a white powdery substance inside.

Hysteria then ensued as the court began to panic. Clerks, prosecutors, attorneys, records keepers, bailiffs, security, law enforcement, cafeteria and custodial employees as well were forced to evacuate the building as a precaution of a potential terror attack.

According to the fire chief and first responders, six court employees were in the room where the letter was opened.

Those six underwent a decontamination process in a tent outside the building, according to Coshocton County Emergency Medical Services Director Todd Shroyer.

Shroyer also said that the people were then transported from there by squad to Coshocton County Regional Medical Center where they went through a second decontamination at a tent outside the hospital entryway. This was a precautionary tactic he said in order to prevent contamination of those inside the facility.

The letter containing the white substance also stated specifically that the powder was anthrax and that a bomb had been placed on a specific vehicle in the parking lot of the courts.

Coshocton County Sheriff Tim Rogers said he was not disclosing who owned the vehicle in which the alleged bomb had been planted on or any other further details of the letter.

He said it was believed that the letter did not originate from within Coshocton County due to the postage on it, but he did not elaborate further as to it's original.

He said the FBI and his office was working on identifying a suspect and charges would be considered once a suspect in the case had been determined.

Fortunately in this case, Layton said testing of the powder revealed it to be a type of artificial sweetener. No bomb was found on a vehicle either or elsewhere on the premises, which meant this 2as an elaborate hoax.

Chestnut Street from Sixth to Eighth streets were both blocked from traffic until about 2:50 PM when emergency crews cleared the scene. The enormous cost of the evacuations and precautionary measures however will likely put the perpetrators behind bars for a very long time when they've been apprehended.


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