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Vox Claims Tucker Carlson A ‘White Supremacist’

As if we haven't seen enough absurdity from the media, Vox tells the left stream fake news outlets to essentially ‘hold my beer’ with the outrageous claim Fox’s Tucker Carlson is a fan favorite of White Supremacists.

First and foremost, this is not only outright slander and borderline libel, but it's completely incorrect, to begin with on a variety of levels.

Let's begin by defining ‘White Supremacy’. White Supremacy is if existent at all, a very small community of maybe a few thousand people. It's literally irrelevant.

White Nationalism, commonly confused with White Supremacy, is not a racist or derogatory movement. White Nationalism are white men and women who want to secure the existence of their people and a future for white children.

Yes, White Nationalists tend to have a dark sense of humor, and most often they're politically incorrect by social justice standards, but there's nothing wrong with Whites being proud of their heritage and culture and defending their right to exist.

If you disagree with that, and you're not critical of Black Lives Matter or the NAACP or GLAAD or any LGBTQ group or the ADL or other Jewish or Arabic or whatever groups set to protect the rights of those people, then you are clearly an Anti-White bigot. All people have the right to exist.

That being said, cultural Marxist far left Vox, once again believes that Whites do not have such a right, and continues to try and defame and slander them by running a hit piece on Tucker titled, “Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson”.

No, this isn't satire, they actually ran this story.

The Vox video starts off with a narrator saying "Tucker is different. Tucker spent the first few months of his show depicting both legal and illegal immigrants as potential criminals."

The Vox narrator complains that Carlson "goes after Latinos, he goes after Muslims, and he goes after refugees." seemingly implying that Carlson attacks both legal and illegal immigrants, or anyone who isn't white, which is false.

In fact, many or most on the far right (there are dozens of sects or the far right) despise all of Fox News and Tucker Carlson and all of the mainstream media in general.

Vox goes on to say, “But the thing white supremacists love most about Donald Trump is his rejection of multiculturalism,” the Vox narrator claims, which is just outright laughable.

Here's the problem with Vox and other Marxist controlled publications, they've been indoctrinated with social justice falsehoods for so long that they've completely lost touch with reality, let alone the American people.

American people of every ethnicity and heritage identify with Conservatism and Nationalism. Yes, there are identitarian movements as well, but those movements despise anything Vox or the mainstream would even know about.

Civic Nationalists and Conservatives alike, however, agree that illegal immigration and crime spurring from illegal immigration as well as the cost of feeding, housing, arresting, deporting, and defending against illegal immigration is simply too damn high.

That doesn't make those people ‘White Supremacists’ and in fact, the very people you're calling such terms, are despised by the sects you accuse them of being involved with.

There's definitely a difference of opinion on the right as to how to push for traditional values, and which approach to take, but the left is a complete train wreck right now. The media is losing their damn minds, and Vox clearly has absolutely nothing in common with the average American at this point.

While the right may have its own differing and opposing sects of political movements, each and every one of those factions have something that resonates with the general public. This is why the right and all of it's growing demographics, will control politics in America for many years to come. Thanks, Vox.


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Anonymous No. 5488 2017-07-22 : 05:07

Your really trying to pretend that there is no white supremacists movement, now you're just plainly embarrasing yourself. This site panders to them. Fuck the carlson shit, i couldn't care less if he's left, right, up or down, have same guts you yellow streak of piss. Though i suppose i shouldn't be surprised, lets face it theres a good chance you're cowering on a phillipino pig farm, safetly hidden from the shit your stirring.

This site should now be called "The Janus-Faced Speaker".

Anonymous No. 5490 2017-07-22 : 08:48

"This site should now be called "The Janus-Faced Speaker"

Here we have a leftard rage impotently on goldwater, top kek.

Anonymous No. 5505 2017-07-22 : 16:22

And here we have a rightard rage impotently in comments using cute little words, because big words are too hard, sad fuck.

BTW, not left or right, you're both biased, weak and shite.

P.S. ultra kek! :)

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