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Japan Times #FakeNews Media Hit Jobs On President Trump

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We've all seen it, the “Fake News” media and it's globalist ownership, continuously assaulting traditional values and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, with biased and opinionated pieces trying to smear him.

That seems to be crossing oceans now, with the Japan Times running an article titled “Trump questions whether Japan’s first lady can speak English”.

In the piece the media of a sovereign nation is implying that the President of the United States is somehow ignorant and clearly suggesting he's sexist and impartial favoring English speaking foreign diplomats and leaders.

Let's do some backtracking into the history of the Japan Times, much like American propaganda outlets which are owned by massive globalist corporations with an agenda, the Japan Times also carries the same torch or deception.

The Japan Times, Inc. publishes three periodicals, The Japan Times, an English-language daily broadsheet; The Japan Times Weekly, an English-language weekly in tabloid form; and Shukan ST, a weekly in tabloid format, targeted at Japanese learning English.

So what was their endgame by running this hit piece at all? Well, they get to appease their globalist Anti-Trump masters, while at the same time running the hidden message of “Americans won't like you if you don't learn English” as a subcontext to the article.

Why would they do that? Well, they run a tabloid which profits from their advertisers by selling the Japanese products which teach them to learn English. Yes, it's a clever hidden marketing tool inside their narrative.

Let's revert though, because that's not what President Trump said, and he didn't mean it in any derogatory fashion. Trump said, “So, I was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe, who I think is a terrific guy, and she’s a terrific woman, but doesn’t speak English.”

He was clearly stating the obvious, which is that Prime Minister Abe’s wife doesn't speak English as a first language. The attempts by the media to intentionally spin the words of our President disgusts me to levels of outright fighting words.

The facts are simply that, facts which cannot be ignored. Being honest and truthful is something we should want from our leadership and all politicians in general. President Trump speaks what's on his mind, and why is that a problem?

During the interview in question, a New York Times reporter, Maggie Haber man, then asked President Trump about Akie Abe’s ability to speak English saying, “Like, nothing, right? Like zero?”

To which President Trump replied to her, “Like, not ‘Hello.’ ” President Trump went on to say, “There was one interpreter for Japanese, ’cause otherwise it would have been even tougher. But I enjoyed the evening with her, and she’s really a lovely woman, and I enjoyed… the whole thing was good.”

He praised both the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife. He did so countless times during their meeting and afterwards on social media and publicly.

That didn't stop the lying press from doing what they do best though, which was spin the narrative into claiming Trump was somehow insulting the woman, which he did not.

Sure enough, the keynote organization of fake news Anti-Trump propaganda, the New York Times, ran a headline this week saying, “Trump falsely claims Japanese first lady doesn’t speak English.”

I mean seriously, this is the same “news” organization who was there for the interview, who heard the President’s words, and understood what he was saying; yet they still chose to run this clearly biased hit piece against him.

Surprisingly enough there was some defense to the President from the Washington Post, which traditionally tends to run their own brand of outright attacks and complete lies.

WaPo wrote, “Footage from her past visits shows that she has almost always used a translator when in the United States.” Which is correct, not that this should even be an issue at all.

It seems like complete desperation from the press, to continue to relate the words spoken by our President as “wrong” or “stupid”, which is exactly what they're doing, and they're doing it intentionally.

Is the traffic to your websites this bad, WaPo and NYT, and the countless other globalist owned media corporations who will say or do anything for a boost to their ratings and traffic?

It's outright pathetic at this point, and while free speech is encouraged, it's no longer free speech when all you do, literally every story, is try and paint the President in a negative light.

No, at that point you're no longer journalists at all, you're a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and a platform of propaganda for Anti-Nationalist agenda.

In fact most of your employees are literal social justice warrior, cultural marxist indoctrinated, incompetent liberal bastards.

We're fed up with you, and your failure to recognize what the American people want, which is to “Make America Great Again!”

Every time the media runs a story like this, or they try and subvert Democracy and enrage their opposition, which is what they continue to do to the right by attacking our President, they're getting free advertising.

There's an old saying, no publicity is bad publicity, and even by having us talk about them at all, it underscores this idea.

The best way to watch these already becoming extinct dinosaurs reach their final solution, is to avoid feeding them while they're starving.

Keep that in mind. You know they're hungry, thirsty, craving that next bite. They're so desperate they'll lie or steal or possibly kill to feed that hunger.

However you have a family, and you work hard for that food to feed them. Supply is scarce, and it's running out globally. There are others who are also hungry, and they don't want to kill you.

Who do you choose to feed? Choose wisely.


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Anonymous No. 5481 2017-07-22 : 00:29

TBH, The biggest problem is that Trump can't speak english, at least not full coherent sentences, or without going off topic, or for that matter giving a definative yes or no on unexpected questions. Perhaps it's the word 'sentence' and it's other meanings, maybe that's what has been making him nervous, well hopefully finding out that he can pardon himself, as well as his family may help his ability to speak.

Anonymous No. 5483 2017-07-22 : 02:18

The Japan Times runs a column by Arudo Debito, a vile Japan-hating naturalised citizen who is a borderline lolcow, lurching from disaster to disaster while vanity publishing his ravings and trying to sue or stalk everybody who mocks him.

Anonymous No. 5487 2017-07-22 : 04:52

The problem is that with a small tweak your post matches what the world sees as the President;

Your post;

The Japan Times runs a column by Arudo Debito, a vile Japan-hating naturalised citizen who is a borderline lolcow, lurching from disaster to disaster while vanity publishing his ravings and trying to sue or stalk everybody who mocks him.

The Worlds View;

The White House run by Donald Trump, a vile race-hating american born citizen who is a borderline lolcow, lurching from disaster to disaster while world news orginisations publish his ravings and trying to sue or stalk everybody who mocks him.

Anonymous No. 5491 2017-07-22 : 09:54

People defending the Japan Times rag just to attack Trump, wow.

Anonymous No. 5504 2017-07-22 : 16:14

People defending the Trump just to attack News companies, wow.

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