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Reckless Immigration Will Change Society for the Worse, CDU Politician States

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member Jens Spahn warned of the consequences of the current immigration policies. As a result of the high amount of Muslim immigrants entering Germany, Spahn states that society is in danger of becoming more sexist, homophobic, antisemitic and violent than it used to be. According to him, too many people see all other cultures as an enrichment without critically thinking about it, stating: “I don't consider the daily degradation of women that we experience an enrichment.”

Spahn also explained that he, as a homosexual, was especially vulnerable to the dangers of Islam and recounted incidents of homosexuals being thrown off buildings and towers in Muslim societies. He indirectly asked for the closure of the Mediterranean sea route, which is being used to transport and traffic thousands of Muslims into Europe every week, just like other politicians, such as Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. Spahn believes that refugees who are picked up and rescued in the sea should not be taken to Italy, but instead back to Africa.

Research Proves German Media Bias Over Refugees

Research by the German Hamburg-Media School and the University of Leipzig about the media portrayal and reporting of the refugee crisis throughout 2015 and 2016 has produced results: major German newspapers have failed to cover the refugee crisis as critical reporters. The mainstream media did not only back Chancellor Angela Merkel's stances and policies without question, they also adopted expressions used by politicians uncritically. A glaring example is the use of “Willkommenskultur” (welcoming culture) with persuasive and euphemistic wording rather than neutrality.

Willkommenskultur was used by the media to push and guilt people into volunteering and being generous in regards to refugees. Lead Researcher Michael Haller stated that reporters forgot their roles as journalists and what investigative journalism is supposed to be. For the study, thousands of articles from many large newspapers were evaluated.


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Anonymous No. 5468 2017-07-21 : 16:18

Ii's kind of a low trick he's using, there's plenty of christians that would do the same to him, also those christins who more avidly follow the christian line denean women as ell. What he really means is that it would alter the percentage of christians to muslims, thereby reducing his religions power base.

Mark Haller's claim means nothing without knowing how the study was set, what the context was, etc. Also stating 1000's of articles is meaningless as well, as it doesn't say which papers and what percentage of articles from each one, for all we know it may be 2 items in the times and 2000 from gay muslims international(or some not invented crap).

2 weaks don't make it right.

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