By: Red Pill | 07-21-2017 | News
Photo credit: Orange County PD

Florida Woman Gang-Raped By 4 Hispanic Immigrants

Four Hispanic immigrants are accused of gang raping a Florida woman in Orange County.

The incident occurred at a local house party according to the victim. She said she had been drinking when one of the men approached her and asked her to follow him.

The woman told deputies she obliged and followed the man at a home on Calderdale Avenue in Windermere when she realized the man was leading her upstairs to a bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, four men took turns raping her as she pleaded with them to stop repeatedly, according to the report. Investigators said a friend later found the woman naked and helped her home.

The woman told deputies she felt as if she'd been drugged because she could barely remember what happened afterward and that she just wasn't “normal”

The four suspects, Miguel Baez Arriechi, Enrique Lopez Cosson, Manuel Zavarse and Gabriel Zavarse Cedeno; have all been charged with multiple crimes including sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, and are being held in the Orange County Detention Center without bond.


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Gus Tode No. 5474 2017-07-21 : 19:04

No need to state they are Hispanic immigrants (or white or black or anything). The heading of the article implies the alleged suspects have already been convicted , which is not accurate.

Anonymous No. 5512 2017-07-22 : 19:38

You are absolutely right Gus. The case is still in investigation. For all we know, these four could be just random people that were at the party and got charged with it because they were the last ones to leave.

Maria P No. 5565 2017-07-24 : 03:26

He trusted in the innocence of these young people. I know Enrique Lopez, he's a good boy, something here is very bad with this case.

oli No. 5642 2017-07-26 : 02:38

Whether you know him or not is irrelevant, all friends and family say their kids are good - to suggest something is not right is emotional thinking, this was on-going investigation that took time and so it was not some fly by the pants arrest, so clearly a judge felt there was probable cause to hold them without bail. It's unacceptable to suggest that they are innocence when you don't know that to be the truth. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is legal term that is used in a court of law, it does not speak to actual innocence of the person accused, it's just a formality in the legal system that states the burden of proof is on the accusers - it says nothing about their actions or what they did or did not do.

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