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Joe Biden, ‘Defender of the Poor’, Charges Big Bucks For Signed Books

Former Vice President and Barack Obama’s close ally, friend and “bromance” Joe Biden is launching a book. He is also setting his sights on earning from it. On top of what he gained from the book deal and future royalties, he would also take money from- get this, charging hundreds of dollars to buyers for autographed copies of his forthcoming book titled “Promise Me, Dad.”

Such an irony considering he’s not just a card-carrying member of liberals but also a leading figure of the left. Yes, he also happens to be the same guy closely allied with Barack Obama- the so-called champion of wealth distribution in modern political times- and the same man who would have wanted to be President if only his son did not get sick because he supposedly represents the plight of the middle class, and is a great defender of the poor. But now, with his book, he’s all about profit, never mind what conventions and practices of legitimate authors launching their books Biden is breaking.

Seriously, who has ever heard of being charged hundreds of dollars in extra fees just to have a book autographed by the writer? Doesn’t that smell of shameless profiteering? Isn’t it enough that people buy one’s book, and in Biden’s case, established author or not?

Most authors launching their new titles or even first books would go on a book tour, and behind a modest table will happily and appreciatively sign books people have purchased. And maybe even smile for a ‘selfie ‘, exchange some pleasantries, and that’s about it. All it needs to cost the supporters is to buy a book at its standard price.

The Daily Caller reported that Politics and Prose, a Washington, D.C. bookstore known for hosting authors at signing events, sent out an email announcing the VIP book signing event at the Warner Theater on November 14 with the note, ‘Every ticket of this evening includes a copy of the book. VIP Packages include a signed book and a meet and greet opportunity with vice president Biden. ‘

And the price to meet Biden and received a signed copy of his precious book? A whopping $448! That amount is still exclusive of the service fee affixed to the ticket sales.

In essence, the book and Biden’s signature are not the only ones up for sale for a steep price, it is Biden himself on sale! Buy him if you can afford him- the liberal left card carrying member, defender of the poor and representative of the middle class, might as well be the closest poster boy of capitalism itself. Well, maybe with the $448 tag price, not so closet capitalism poster boy anymore.

Interestingly, Biden seems to take the hints from Obama and the Clintons’ ways of profiteering from book deals and paid speeches, while sticking to their supposed leftist images of being a champion of the poor and the oppressed.


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Anonymous No. 5469 2017-07-21 : 16:23

Have you ever seen what Trump charged?

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