By: Earnest Jones | 11-20-2016 | News
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President-elect Trump Kills President Obama's Illegal Amnesty Executive Order

Barack Obama’s Executive Order amnesty had been initiated back in the year 2014. However, this open border policy has stalled since Obama’s administration has given up on legally challenging the enactment of this policy implying that the policy is no more.

The open border policy would have brought about the free movement between various jurisdictions with minimal or no restrictions, implying that there would be no substantive border control; the very problem that the president-elect is trying to solve.

There is a close relationship between Obama and the Clinton’s. This is evident from the fact that President-elect Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton for supporting the open border policy, which President Obama initiated back in 2014.

In a statement made by Donald Trump in a rally in Ambridge, Pa. on the 10th of October; he said that he was proven right on Hillary Clinton’s support for open borders. Trump expressed his disgust on the same saying that the policy implied that anyone in the world would enter the United States without any restrictions.

Pointing out to leaked speech from WikiLeaks, Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton supported open borders and that she had intentions of exposing the United States to global governance with no control over immigration and trade.

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