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Breaking News : 6.7 Magnitude Quake In Greece / Turkey Claims Lives, Causes Tsunami

A massive and powerful earthquake has been reported off the Turkish coast and a Greek Island which is an area popular with British Tourists.

While it was believed there had only been minor injuries as a result of the phenomenon, now there are several unconfirmed reports that two people have been killed.

The United States Geological Survey has said they recorded a 6.7 magnitude quake off the south west coast close to the resort town of Bodrum and the Greek Island of Kos. A Foreign Office spokesman said it was seeking further information.

In the Turkish city of Marmaris several beachfront hotels were also flooded. Vacationers are now seeking shelter and in some resorts they have abandoned their rooms for safety, gathering in the street with fears the buildings could topple.

The force of the earthquake and its impact was so strong that it was felt as far away as Rhodes and Crete.

It is unclear how much damage the quake has done as of this time but several tourists turned to Twitter to describe the hotels being shaken and streets being rocked and cracking from it's earth shattering power.

One Twitter user wrote "Earthquake is Kos, absolute mental, never felt anything like it."

Some report that the aftershocks have caused a small tsunami in the Turkish city of Bodum. The video posted shows the flooding from the Tsunami.



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Anonymous No. 5450 2017-07-21 : 00:46

We are really lucky that tsunami went to Turkey and not the other way.

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