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Clinton's lost everything in White House run

For a very serious shocking or not so shocking news. The Clinton's are looking to go broke. This ain't no joke. The Clinton's are loosing money and at a rapid pace. From pay-to-play allegations to the Clinton foundation investigation. It looks like for trying times for the Clinton family. According to their tax filings, contributions fell by 37 percent to $108 million and this is down by $172 million from 2014. This is serious for the 'would be' presidential candidate. It's hard to imagine a powerful family with powerful figures to end up so powerless. It also looks like 'talk is cheap' with Clinton's bringing in far less with their speeches.

With a whopping $357,500 from $3.6 million in 2014. I guess Bill and Hillary are going to be looking for retirement. With huge donors leaving, namely Exxon Mobil and Samsung. With their appointed leader, Donna Shalala suffering a stroke in a meeting. "The Clinton Foundation refused to comment, but Shalala told The Chronicle of Philanthropy last month that the foundation had taken in money pledged in earlier years but those donations were recorded on earlier tax filings.

The Clinton's have it very hard right now. Scandals, special prosecutors and a lost election. It's shaping up to be the end of Clinton's era. It might be with what are now just broken promises. The Clinton's have lost all funding since the seat of power isn't theirs. Rumors throughout the great debates left many to question the legitimacy of the Clinton foundation. With a new presidency yet to begin. We all sit and watch what the Clinton's have become. What they will do from here will speak heavily on their character and integrity. Secretly, conservatives everywhere rejoice.

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