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Purge of Thomas Jefferson by LA Liberals Directly Attacks our Founding Fathers

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In the seemingly endless campaign against traditional values and American history, the South has been a battleground for the modern culture war.

Social Justice Warriors and triggered Cultural Marxists have waged a tireless invasion of desperation against the Civil War monuments and Confederate symbolism that the Southerner prides himself in, as well as trying to erase history.

Louisiana is no exception to the onslaught of Communist led rewriting of historical facts, and now it's coming under the crosshairs of the Marxist backed insurgency which hopes to dry out the endless rivers of liberty.

The Louisiana Democratic Party has announced that it will rename the annual ‘Jefferson-Jackson’ banquet dinner, to the uninspiring name ‘True Blue Gala’.

The annual dinner is held all across America to honor both historical Founding Fathers President Andrew Jackson and President Thomas Jefferson.

However the leftist mentality seemingly has no respect for history and culture, nor does it want to continue tradition. Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman said that, “Removing Jefferson and Jackson was done to reflect the progress of the party and the changing times.”

Despicable isn't a solid enough word to define the actions of these liberals. In fact treasonous wouldn't do them justice in this case.

Several other states are doing the same, mostly led by Democratic Party minorities who would rather grind up history than accept the reality that you simply cannot change it.

President Jefferson and President Jackson are both being attacked all across the South for their pasts as slave owners. What Democrats fail to realize is that when these great men held slaves it was not only legal but commonplace. They literally did nothing wrong.

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and founder of the University of Virginia.

That hasn't stopped the University of Virginia from attacking Jefferson, wanting to remove his name entirely from their campus and any official memorials to him be removed. Disgraceful actions by marxist professors and their deans which perpetuate this attack on history.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, the centerpiece of Jackson Square is the statue of General Andrew Jackson.

It has been brought up by people on both sides of the monument removal debate, with the supporters of the monuments fearing the Jackson statue will be the next demolition target.

In fact it's already had a bullseye on it, with liberals saying it needs to be removed entirely. Most of the opposition to the statue is actually coming from financial backers in Hollywood, California, many of whom are marxists, which finance the community leaders who wish to see it removed.

"We want all of them to come down, not just the four that the mayor has designated," said activist Malcolm Suber of Take'em Down. Suber actually led a march demanding the removal of the Jackson statue.

Jackson, who was the seventh President of the United States, had no involvement whatsoever with the Confederacy or the Civil War. He died in 1845, nearly 15 years before any state seceded from the Union.

However Jackson was also a slave owner, and as President, signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830, leading to the infamous "Trail of Tears." So liberals are trying to use these facts as ammunition for the statue’s removal.

However those on the left forget that before President Jefferson, the United States was literally contained to the East Coast.

Jefferson took great advantage over Napoleon and his need for money in his European wars; which led to the purchase just over 800,000 square miles of territory in the American West. This nearly doubled the size of the United States.

President Jefferson at the time said that the Louisiana Purchase would be “replete with blessings to unborn millions of men.”

So in the assault against the liberties that made America a prosperity filled haven of advancing culture, they're literally undermining the very values and principles in what this great nation was founded upon.

A brutal Communist tactic to divide and conquer and keep Americans angry at one another, while paying less attention to the lack of advancements or legislation from those in power.

To those standing against the historic statutes or the Presidential themed dinners and Universities, I ask them what do they hope to accomplish by removal of the titles or the ceremonial pieces of concrete and steel? How does it change history? How does it benefit Americans?

The answer is it cannot benefit Americans in any way and it will not change history. History was written long ago, and though you can interpret it how you like, you simply cannot rewrite it.


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Anonymous No. 5449 2017-07-21 : 00:42

>Progress of the party and changing times

At least they don't have to associate Jefferson with such filth. It is also good that they admit they hate the founding fathers and the constitution, makes it easier to spot the traitors.

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