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Black Mississippi Judge Banished Mississippi State Flag Over Confederate Symbol

In another bigot’s war on tradition and history, Judge Carlos Moore enraged defenders of the Confederate Flag when he took to the bench as the first African-American municipal judge in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and had the flag removed from his courtroom.

His first day on the job, as his first order of business, Moore demanded officials remove the Mississippi state flag from his courtroom, because that flag contains the Confederate emblem in its upper left corner.

In 2001 there was a ballot across the state as to whether or not to keep the Confederate Symbol on the state flag, and the residents of Mississippi overwhelmingly supported keeping the flag.

Judge Moore wrote on his Facebook, “Just finished my first day on the bench in Clarksdale Municipal Court. My first act was to order the Mississippi flag with the Confederate emblem removed from my courtroom. It was ordered to never re-appear in my courtroom or chambers. It was such a great feeling to see the police officer drag the despicable flag from the courtroom during open court. Great first day!”

Many locals are furious at the outright disrespect to the state flag and the history of the state of Mississippi by marxist and clearly bias judge who should never put on the robes of he can't respect the will of the people.

To respond to the criticism of his defiant trashing of tradition, he of course then played the race card. Judge Moore said, “Most of the people that appear before me will be African-American, and they need to feel that the courtroom is gonna be a place they can get justice," he said. "That flag does not stand for justice."

When digging further into Moore’s past however it can be found that this isn't his first instance of trying to fight the flag. He once filed a Federal lawsuit seeking an injunction to prevent the state of Mississippi from flying the flag asking the courts to rule that it's historic design is unconstitutional.

However, United States District Judge Carlton W. Reeves tossed that lawsuit out last year, suggesting that the will of the people must be respected.

Keep in mind this Judge will now preside over the bench, imposing his hatred of Whites and partial favorability towards African-Americans in criminal and civil courts. Judges shouldn't impose their politics or personal beliefs over the law of the land, and this Judge literally had the laws voted on by the people dragged out of his courtroom.


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