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Fast Food Ice Contains Significant Amounts of Poop

All fast food- lovers of the world, beware. Next time you’re asked about your choice of drink, you might reconsider having ice to go with it, even if the alarm is sounded off only in the UK.

BBC’s Watchdog show has shocking news for all, especially fast food restaurant-goers as they found traces of faecal matter or poop in the ice of randomly-selected branches of leading fast food restaurant giants KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s.

Investigators of the show checked for coliforms in the drinking water and ice at three branches of McDonald’s, six samples from Burger King, and seven branches of KFC.

Safe practice dictates that there should be zero levels of bacteria in drinking water. But gross and disgusting as this may seem- four of the samples of ice from Burger King and five from KFC were discovered to contain ‘significant’ levels of coliforms. An expert said the shocking revelations is ‘extremely worrying.’

The concerned restaurants quickly responded to the findings of Watchdog. KFC shut down the ice machines in question in order to have its own inspection. It also said that it had reinforced the importance of adhering to strict procedures to all employees.

KFC spokesman said: “We are awaiting the results of independent testing of the ice that will confirm they are back up to the standards we expect. To reassure customers, we have also inspected and cleaned the ice machines in all other restaurants across the UK.”

Burger King, for its part, promised to emphasize standards and training procedures for employees.

Lastly, McDonald’s shared that they would be ‘happy to work with relevant industry bodies on ensuring a standard for ice contamination.’

It is interesting to find out how all stakeholders will react- or respond- to the shocking and gross discovery, including the government and especially the UK public. After all, the last thing any customer would like to hear from the fast food crew when ordering their meals is “Would you like poo-ice with that?”


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Anonymous No. 5407 2017-07-20 : 12:35

Looks like the loo could not contain the poo.

Anonymous No. 5409 2017-07-20 : 14:16

Large amounts of immigrants in UK. Poo in the streets. Surpised at all that poo is in ice too.

Anonymous No. 5415 2017-07-20 : 17:07

Sounds like staff aren't washing their hands properly before returning to work areas. It'd be interesting to see how bad the situation is in fast food establishments across the U.S.

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