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Video of BMW Smashing at a Gun Pawnshop; Police Looking for Suspects

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Authorities are hunting down the four suspects accused of ramming a BMW into the store front of a Henry County gun and pawn shop, with the intent to carry out a burglary.

Henry County Police reported that the incident happened during the early hours of July 13 at the Henry County Gun and Pawn located on Eagles Landing Parkway in Stockbridge.

The suspects are accused of smashing their vehicle on the store front to force their entry. The burglary attempt caused extensive damage to the store, but the suspects did not succeed in getting anything valuable from the store.

A surveillance video showed the four men crashing their BMW through the front entrance of the store. One of them jumped out the car, while two others could be seen already waiting by the entrance before the car drove and slammed hard into the store. The men then came running into the store.

Police say they believe the men were particularly looking for guns. After their “grand entrance”, however, things didn’t turn out too well for the men. Henry County Police Maj. Mike Ireland said: “They looked in cases, looked in the empty gun boxes, shook them, and saw they were empty.” And so the suspects came home empty-handed.

One of the pawn shop workers, Curtis Fowler, was incredulous. He thinks what the men did was pretty stupid. Fowler said they hide their guns away every night before closing the store. He believes the alarm that went off scared the men and so they ran off.

The foolish act left a wide damage to the store, however. Glasses were shattered everywhere. Fowler said he was getting shards of glass in his finger anywhere he moved after the incident.

The shop was back in business the following day. The management is also planning to put in a guardrail to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Authorities are asking the public’s support to help identify and arrest the suspects. Anyone is requested to contact the Henry County Police if they have information about the suspects.


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