By: Savannah Smith | 07-20-2017 | News
Photo credit: Juanito Cedeño | FB

Chinese Woman Busted at the Airport for Strapping 102 iPhones to Her Body

Strapping illegal items on one’s body has been a tried and tested scheme in the past- until authorities caught on and the little trick has since been busted already. One Chinese woman, though, apparently thinks it’s still a smart idea to sneak in more than a hundred iPhones using the old trick. She soon realized it was not such a smart thing to do after all.

Airport officials in Shenzhen, China apprehended the unidentified Chinese woman after trafficking 102 iPhones from Hong Kong.

The woman became a target of suspicion by airport officials when they noticed that she was wearing a cardigan jacket over her blouse despite the blistering heat. Her abdomen area looked noticeably bulky as well, not in proportion to her slim arms and legs.

A standard search later revealed a shocking number of contraband strapped to the woman’s body underneath her clothes. The phones also made the woman 40 lbs heavier.

The entire haul of multiple iPhone models in various colors could easily cost over a thousand dollars.

It is still unclear what charges the woman would face for trying to sneak in illegal items. It is also not established why or how she thought she could have gotten a way with a trick that has been exposed and busted in the past.

Being photographed by the authorities in her undergarments with the contraband phones still strapped into her body and circulating the photos is a humiliating ‘punishment’ by the authorities. It is not an official penalty, but in other countries, such act may be subject to debates as it can be seen as violating the rights of a suspect.

iPhone smuggling is not an uncommon case in Hong Kong airports since they are being sold at cheaper prices in the Chinese autonomous territory compared to the mainland.



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