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DHS Hiring 10k ICE Agents To Raid Sanctuary Cities

President Trump is no longer backing down from Sanctuary Cities in violation of Federal Law. While local and specific state authorities may not assist in removing illegal aliens, Federal Authorities will do it themselves.

Thomas Homan, the acting ICE Director, has just announced new plans to hire 10,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agents to crack down on several sanctuary cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago.

Earlier this year the Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly authorized the new hiring of an additional 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and enforcement officers.

Trump supporters are applauding this decision as the move by DHS delivers on a promise made by President Donald Trump during the campaign to increase the enforcement of our laws in removing the criminal aliens inside of America illegally.

Secretary Kelly himself ordered the Director of ICE to immediately begin the process of hiring the new 10,000 agents in order to effectively enforce the immigration laws already in place in America, a move that has been given the green light for prosecution of those who refuse to follow the by the Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions.

It seems as if Secretary Kelly authorized the federal agency to hire additional operational and mission support staff, along with legal staff, to ensure that the needs that will be required to remove the illegal alien population are met by ICE.

President Trump's Executive Order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States” was first signed January 25th, and it seems those in the Administration are ready to fulfill the ‘promises made, promises kept’ mantra that the President will use as a campaign platform for re-election.

In cooperation with many County Sheriff’s who defy city council members of rogue states, ICE agents, and enforcement officers were used earlier this month to conduct a well-orchestrated roundup of criminal aliens in metropolitan areas across the country.

Authorities say that those agents and officers arrested more than 600 criminal aliens in 11 states, without the help of the local police departments bound by their governing body's open borders policies.

Of course, the Leftist media has tried to use these arrests to make claims that ‘innocent’ people were targeted under the operation, but there are no innocent federal criminals. The minute they cross the border they are officially enemies of the state.

“I believe ICE is out in public arresting people in order to retaliate against our community for standing up for our values against people like Abbott and Trump,” Austin City Councilman Casar posted on Facebook. “Trump and his allies will do everything they can to divide Americans, invoke fear in vulnerable neighborhoods, and demonize an entire community of people.”

Contrary to these clearly biased lies from Marxists who wish to flood America with criminals while ignoring those who choose to follow policy and laws, Secretary Kelly says that the majority of those rounded up had prior criminal histories.

Secretary Kelly wrote in a statement, “Of those 680 total aliens arrested, approximately 75 percent were criminal aliens, convicted of crimes including, but not limited to, homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, indecent liberties with a minor, drug trafficking, battery, assault, DUI and weapons charges.”

Not only will the hiring of ten thousand new agents be a major boost to the federal government in creating a vast number of new high paying jobs, but it will boost jobs in many regions by removing those who are working illegally and opening the positions they filled to American taxpayers again.


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Anonymous No. 5865 2017-07-30 : 19:08

Can't hire anyone when you've instituted a hiring freeze that over rides any orders regarding hiring. Standard Trump, pretend to do somethingt, while actually doing nothing, again.

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