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President Trump Is Building The Wall, And Here's Why It Matters To Americans

President Trump ran a heavy handed campaign of securing the American southern border throughout the election season.

He told the people who turned up by the tens of thousands at many events he would build the wall across America's southern border and that he would fight to end the flowing of illegal drugs into America as well as deport the illegal criminals who plagued society.

That's exactly what he's been fighting hard for, receiving opposition from both the dinosaurs in the Republican Party as well as the progressives on the Democratic side of the aisle.

The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday of this week approved a $44.3 billion boost in spending for the Department of Homeland Security. Fortunately there is finally a plan laid out which is including the $1.6 billion down payment on the construction of a wall along the US border with Mexico?

The newest proposal marks a proposed $1.7 billion increase over the current fiscal year in order to ensure the groundwork on the border wall will begin this September.

“This bill fully supports our men and women on the frontlines who work tirelessly to keep us safe,” said Republican Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. “The bill also provides the necessary funding for critical technology and physical barriers to secure our borders.”

However in a response to the new funding, House Democratic leaders offered their own warning to Republicans hoping to put hundreds of millions of dollars toward President Trump’s border wall next year which is essentially, “You’re on your own.”

The savage disdain for the will of the people from the Democratic Party is obvious, and they refuse to participate in allowance of President Trump's fulfillment of his agenda.

“They know that the majority of the Democrats don’t support funding for that wall,” Representative Linda Sánchez, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, told reporters gathered outside the Capitol.

“If they choose to include it, then they are basically saying, ‘We have the votes among the Republican Party to pass this without a single Democratic vote’ and if they’re not successful, the blame lies squarely at their feet, because they are in the majority.”

The newest threat from the failing left does, however, hold merit, even with the Democrats’ minority status, because Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders have since struggled on countless occasions to rally the 218 Republican votes which needed to pass any major government spending bills.

The opposition from Conservative deficit hawks who want to end unnecessary spending and have special interests to serve however continue to ‘get in the way’ causing great rifts amongst the party lines.

Currently, Republican leaders must rely on Democratic votes to pass many of those bills and prevent government shutdowns in general, which gives the power back to the Democrats in order to shut down Trump's agenda.

Democrats also used similar leverage in April, when Trump first insisted on a substantial new border wall funding bill to be combined in a 2017 omnibus bill. Democrats were able to successfully remove that implementation at the last minute.

Democratic leaders are now intending to use that type of tactic again this summer as the September date for building the wall continues to approach.

Representative Joseph Crowley, who is the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, has stated that “We intend to exercise it to keep that language out, to keep the money out,” going on to characterize the border wall funding as “a gross, negligent waste of taxpayer dollars. I won’t speak on behalf of all the Democratic Caucus, but I do think the overwhelming, overwhelming, majority of our membership is not interested in a single penny towards the wall.”

Trump supporters and many traditional values Democrats are furious as this clear defiance of their winning vote in November. In many border states, there have been increases in gang violence as well as bloodshed from Mexican Drug Cartels that have flowed into their respective cities.

Heroin and methamphetamine use is not only killing more Americans than gun violence, but there is indeed armed violence and theft as well as a multitude of other crimes occurring because of the trafficking of narcotics and the fiendish addicts trying to ‘get their fix’.

People are fed up, across party lines. The democrats have refused to offer a solution to these problems but yet they stand in the way of President Trump's attempt to combat the issues that affect families across America.

It certainly seems that the Democratic Party is completely out of touch even with traditional liberals outside of the Southern California pro-communist agenda. People in rural states and across small cities have completely bailed on the Democratic Party over their inability to recognize the importance of securing the future or the American society.

Progressive agendas have ran rampant for far too long in America under Obama, and the results are absolutely terrifying to middle America and southerners in general.

The amount of social justice safe space focus from the Democratic Party shows that they're more concerned with marxist ideals than the security and livelihood of the residents who deal with the problems related to lack of border sustainability.

Outside of the nonstop drug trafficking that's affecting border states, there's a multitude of other issues that hurt the people who reside there.

Illegal immigration has ran rampant for the past three decades to the point that Americans are forced to compete with illegal aliens in order to even find gainful employment, especially in the trade sector.

Iron Workers, Carpenters, Concrete, Brick Masons, Painters, Drywallers, Erection Crews, even Landscapers can walk onto a job site all across the southern wall of America from Arizona through Texas into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and anywhere in between, and see dozens if not hundreds of illegals taking jobs that should be high paying from them forcing the hourly income of skilled workers down.

These are the issues that matter to Americans. This is why the wall matters. This is why the people voted for President Trump. They realize securing the existence of American people and a future for American children relies largely upon the deportation of illegal immigrants and the concept of building a wall to keep them the hell out of America.

Not only does illegal immigration cost jobs, and create an ‘industry of crime’, but it costs taxpayers a fortune in the process.

For every illegal who takes welfare and food stamps and housing, that's cash coming out of the taxpayer's pockets.

For every illegal who is incarcerated or imprisoned, that's taxpayer's money that's paying to feed and clothe and house them until they're deported. Often times many are deported and come back and are deported again dozens of times over costing a financial burden the likes of which most cannot comprehend.

Democrats may try and argue those costs aren't that high. Sensible individuals argue that any cost is too high when the bridges and roads in America are collapsing and our infrastructure, in general, is broken and decayed.

Americans see the success of places like Tokyo, Japan, who do not have an immigration issue, to begin with as just Native Japanese, where the infrastructure and architecture look like something out of a science fiction film, and the people are prospering greatly; and Americans are irate.

Rightfully so, with criticism towards the incompetent governance that has existed for several decades just washing their hands and repeating the same process over and over wasting funds that could be used to HELP Americans.

People want change, in fact, they demand it. The wall must be built, and it will be. Those who stand in the way will eventually be viewed as the ‘enemy of the people’ if they're not already facing that label.


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Anonymous No. 5386 2017-07-20 : 04:55

It's not going to work, you would have to literally guard the entire airspace, the wall and underground for the full length 24/7, yif you shoot anyone or anything on the Mexican side that isn't shooting at you, you're fucked, especially if it's a kid and you may as well know now the drug cartels will make kids and parents throw things to damage the wall, trigger sensors up and down the length, fly little drones over with narcotics, instructions to stateside contacts, etc. The list goes on and on, all the drug cartels and dealers have to do is repeat all this shit constantly, they have billions to play with and lots of terrified families to attack. The drain on the U.S. budget will be astronomical, think of the cost in manpower, materiels,(the arms dealers must be having wet dreams), just picture it you could send a swarm of mini drones over and the military(for example) would have to shoot down every one of them, you could actually turn the drones into flying weapons with a little hunk of c4, a pencil trigger and a bit of knowledge, my mind isn't even trying and I can come up with all kinds, you got lands, get kids with R.C cars to drive back and forth, add weight on or whatever depending onh mine. Make kids throw grendes at walls while you hide with a gun to moms head, would you really shoot a kid. Ihaven't even got to tunnels or Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. You would spend billions and you'd lose, hell while your focusing there, you've got west, north, south, land, sea and air to think about. Unless you build a wall around the entire U.S. along with the military,etc along it's total length, set up full marine security, isolate all airports, with complete customs security. You'd have to check 'every ' item that comes into the ports and aieports, it's utterly impossible, your way of living, the country known as America would not only go bankrupt, you would implode from the restrictions, you would cease to exist. Sorry, but your borders are just too big, and humans are too inventive, think about it, you have to constantly update your antivirus, and that's just to protect your fucking porn collection.

If it's somewhat scattered my writing I apologise, I was freetyping rather than trying to make a concise record.

Anonymous No. 5388 2017-07-20 : 05:35

It will work, and while it is under construction, the entire US economy will go through a transformation. Similar to the transformation that happened with the buildig of the Interstate Highway system.

Anonymous No. 5404 2017-07-20 : 10:51

It even worked for FDR. It is how he ended the recession. When we put Americans to work on massive projects. Then massively good things happen for the United States.

Anonymous No. 5413 2017-07-20 : 16:25

You obvbiously don't get the point, as a security measure it's essentially pointless. In regards the construction, the construction companies can use prebuilt for a vast majority of it, sorry but there will be very little increase in jobs and then only temporarily. The only job potential is regards monitoring which which use a lot of automation and remote systems, etc(your FDR thought is overshadowed by tech). For actual guards it will be most likely stay as the border patrol with some minor alterations for systems controllers and maintenence. You forget as well that whoever guards needs to eat, etc, so you'll have a n increase n wages, maintenence, etc. It all has to be paid for and pretty soon the tax payers will start screaming. After all that you have still avoided the situation regarding your other borders, north,wet,east, plus air and sea. The only thing you will get is an illusion, I can work out ways all day long on how to infiltrate the U.S. awarding different scores based on likelyhood of success and iI don't even work in that sector, you have a go, you'll be surprised at how many you can think of.

Anonymous No. 5432 2017-07-20 : 21:43

We will all feel more secure when that well is built

Anonymous No. 5438 2017-07-20 : 22:55

I understand that you want to feel secure, that's great. The problem is that without a massive and frankly unaffordable infrastructure to support, enhance and maintain, it is useless. Just putting up a wall is like wrapping your house in bubble wrap to protect it from a hurricane, and to actually afford to put in place everything you would need to make the southern border secure(ignoring for the moment the northern border and the east & west coast coastline, + air & sea ports, and all air space), your taxes would be insane, you complain about food, drink and gas prices now, do the math, i've already stated some problems previously, but feeling happier because of the wall is like seeing a psycho with a machete coming for you, putting your hands over your eyes and chanting if I can't see him, he can't hurt me.

Anonymous No. 5441 2017-07-20 : 23:14

Nice 14 words reference ;)

Anonymous No. 5496 2017-07-22 : 13:10

Walls work really well all over the world at keeping criminals and smugglers out.

Obviously it wont be perfect but if you never built anything unless itss going to be perfect you would never build anything.

Anonymous No. 5499 2017-07-22 : 15:28

Just looking at the cartels alone with literally billions rotting away, they already have private armies, weapons stores that would make your average militia drool, access to co-conspiritors in the U.S. easy access to more weaponry, constant money supplies, they're known to be building/buying tanks, etc, airplane and airport access, corrupt officials on both sides. They can hire mercenaries, make deals with terrorists, force terrified unarmed men, women and children to do what they want, they have cults. There is also intercommunication with other crime organisations. The wall you propose isn't like the wall of your factory, etc. It doesn't work, as regards what I assume you mean, as in border walls, no, they don't, most borders are shit unless they're like Berlin, N.K, etc and even then they still failed to be successful, like I said, would you murder some 5 year old who has to put a bomb against the wall or his mom gets her head cut off? Killing a kid that has absolutely no choice about damaging concrete or whatever would make you even worse than the scumbags

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