By: Savannah Smith | 11-18-2016 | News
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Michelle Obama’s Snob Designer Refuses To Dress Melania Trump

She has no problems dressing First Lady Michelle Obama, and we have to concede on certain occasions, she did succeed in helping make Barack’s better half look classy and elegant. But now that new First Lady Melania Trump is set to take over the duties from Michelle, a New York-based French designer now says she refuses to dress Melania and declines to get “ involved in politics.”

Designer Sophie Theallet not only refused to dress Melania in private, but made a public spectacle out of it by issuing an open letter saying her total boycott of Melania and any of the Trump lady children is a protest against “ discrimination and prejudice”.

The immigrant designer also said in her letter how it was such an honor for her to dress Michelle Obama for the last 8 years. On the other hand, because of her disagreement and non-acceptance of President-elect Donald Trump and his politics,

Theallet said in her letter that “I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady.”

Theallet did not stop there and in closing her letter even encouraged fellow designers to follow suit.

Oddly, for someone supposedly standing up against racism sexism, discrimination and prejudice, isn’t Theallet bullying and discriminating against Melania? What has

Melania done to deserve this nasty treatment, or be a victim of such arrogant snobbery?

A report from People says that over the past months in the campaign, other designers have been refusing to dress Melania and Trump children Ivanka and Tiffany. The Trump ladies had to practically rely on their own closets for their outfits.

Is not that petty? The First Lady is a respected and iconic representative of the American people, and during her husband’s presidential term, she has to attend to so many official functions. It is expected of her to be elegantly-dressed without being pompous. The world inevitably looks at the fashion of the First Lady for some inspiration.

But Melania and the Trump children can take heart, because not only do they happen to be very attuned to tasteful fashion themselves, but that Theallet is not the only good- and maybe not even great- fashion designer there is. This is America after all!

Some designers may be silent for now, especially with the likes of Theallet making a case to discriminate against Melania and leave her cold, but one known fashion designer has dared speak up on the matter.

Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan-American fashion designer recognized for her “exceptional personal style” has told Business of Fashion that she anticipates that in a few months about two or three fashion designers will be reaching out to Melania. The

First Lady, after all, is representing the U.S. Herrera even makes the bold prediction that soon everyone would want to dress Melania.

Theallet’s snobbery and discrimination won’t be Melania’s loss, after all. She will look great wearing fashion from many other more talented designers out there- but minus the arrogance.

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Anonymous No. 540 2016-11-20 : 01:09

Just because that classless moochelle wants to look like a fashion disaster doesn't mean our NEW FIRST LADY does. I think Moochelle had absolutely NO STYLE AND NO CLASS AND NEVER deserved to be called a Lady….EVER.

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