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Video NYC: Machete Wielding Man Fights Man With Trashcan

New York City has never been known as a city of brotherly love, nor has it been considered a forefront of peaceful debate to use as example to display for the rest of the country.

Earlier today that theory was once again confirmed as a street fight was filmed involving a machete wielding man versus another man armed with, no joke, a trash can.

The video which is now going viral on social media was filmed by a bystander who claims to have been shocked by what they witnessed.

The video starts showing a man wearing a white shirt with a machete brawling with a man in a red tank top carrying a trash can. At one point a woman stands between them, before getting in a car between the two men.

The machete wielding man then tosses the machete towards the man with the trash can, before running to get in the car with the woman.

But it doesn't stop there. The violence had only began, and luckily it was captured in video.

The man in the red tank top can be seen yanking the machete slasher out of the car and they then begin to throw punches back and forth in the middle of the street before separating only to start up again a few moments later, throwing things at each other.

As it comes to a climax the video ends with the man in red picking up his backpack as the other man gets back in the car.


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