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60 Minutes' entire crew attacked by refugees in Sweden while filming propaganda about

While the news reports are commonly filled with talk of United States immigration policy, the real immigration troubles are occurring elsewhere and slipping under the radar of the mainstream news. Country's like Sweden have become so overwhelmed with people fleeing countries like Syria there has become a large lack of work and little for these refugees to look forward at. Thousands upon thousands of migrants have flooded into cities in Sweden forming over 55 'no go' zones as they have been designated by police. Even emergency personal like ambulances require police escort to pass through many of these zones. Crimes have gone up in unprecedented rates with rape being at the top of them. Large groups of young men are attacking woman and even children. At one resort in France, a woman and her 6 year old daughter were attacked by a Muslim man for not obeying the Koran's teachings and both were stabbed several times.

The next events show the shocking state of Sweden's cities. A crew filming for an episode of 60 minutes were interviewing local passerby's when they were attacked by a group of immigrant men hiding most of their faces. They spoke in thick middle eastern accents and violently assaulted multiple people from the 60 minutes crew all on camera. The group did not care they were being recorded and had just given statements themselves moments before and began the assault by throwing a metal can of food at a camera mans head. They then began kicking people before throwing punches into the mix and trying to pull the crew to the ground.

The scene very nearly turns ugly fast and there would have most likely been some major injuries if not a death if local residents did not intervene. A man steps between the gang of masked men and the crew in an attempt to stop the assault. Another man, this one in a motorized scooter, slammed into one of the most violent attackers most likely saving him from further injury. The crew make their escape and are able to board their vehicles before being further harmed.

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