By: Savannah Smith | 07-19-2017 | News
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New Sexbots Simulate Rape

There is a new sex robot with ‘frigid ‘settings that allows men to simulate sex, and as expected, it is causing controversies and debates.

The discussions started after the recent advertisement of ‘Roxxxy TrueCompanion’, a robot on sale that can simulate rape with a simple switch in setting. The True Companion company website says one of the programmable personalities for the robot is ‘Frigid Farrah‘ described as “reserved and shy.” The website goes on to give such details for Frigid Farah as “if you touch her in a private area, more than likely she will not be appreciative of your advance.“

The website says the particular sex robot model lacks an attempt to reproduce consent in the real world and that their robots “allow everyone to realize their most private sexual dreams. “

Then there’s another model that is being widely criticized- the ‘Young Yoko’ who is described as “oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her.”

There are immediate condemnation for such robots. Laura Bates, campaigner and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, deplored the Frigid Farrah product and said “Rape is not an act of sexual passion. It is a violent crime. We should no more be encouraging rapists to find a supposedly safe outlet for it than we should facilitate murderers by giving them realistic, blood-spurting dummies to stab.”

Bates also pointed out that such sex robots would only “normalize sexual crime” and would only create more confusion on the already much-misunderstood area of consent.

Roxxxy already marks the 9th version of the company’s sex robots after they developed their first “Trudy “ in the 1990s. The sex robot trade has since caught on. A California-based company named ‘Ábyss Creations‘ in fact already ships annually up to 600 hyper-realistic sets of sex dolls across the world.

The Foundation for Reproductive Robotics has a new report, however,that was quick to warn of the numerous ethical implications in humanity’s sexual future with robots. A survey published by UK innovation company Nesta last June also shockingly found out that over a quarter off young people surveyed said they would be happy to date a robot.

The report author and AI Professor Noel Sharkey launched the Foundation for Reproductive Robotics 18 months ago for an opportunity to explore controversial areas such as the essential questions surrounding how robots can possibly impact sex crimes.

The professor said there are actually those people whose thinking have it that “ït’s better for them to rape robots than real people.” But there are also those contradicting views who reason that such practice with robots would only encourage further real-life rapists.

Prof. Sharkey shared what’s ultimately sad with these sex robots, and with men who turn to use them. He said: “Robots don’t have any kind of emotion themselves. People bond with robots but it’s very one way. You’re loving an artefact that can’t love you back and that’s what’s sad about it.”


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Anonymous No. 5373 2017-07-19 : 22:52

Normalizing rape is bad UNLESS youre a repressed member of peaceful religion

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