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Waves Of Genocide Spreading Across Africa

Across the roofs that are tainted with bullet holes line the words calling the area "boulevard of death" in Central African Republic's South Eastern town of Bangassou, where almost everyone personally who enters is seen as an enemy.

The decaying city which is no stranger to violence was able to be spared the normalized sectarian bloodshed until this past May, and now has more than 2,000 Christian residents forced to take refuge at the local cathedral after attacks by the Predominantly Muslim militias.

More than 300 innocent people have been killed and 100,000 more displaced since just May as violence that began a few years ago moves back into the impoverished country's Central and South Eastern regions, prompting new warnings of a national conflict roaring back to life.

In Bangassou alone, at least 150 people have died in fighting between militias and United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ forces.

"We were driven out by force. We have lost our parents, our homes and all of our belongings," said Djamal Haddine Mahamat-Salle, Secretary General of the organization representing the town's displaced victims.

Djamal added that "It's been two and a half months since we've been here, blocked without the ability to even go beyond 100 meters."

Many dislocated individuals said that their departure from the cathedral could mean death instantly by the radicalized militias.

"The anti-Balaka are everywhere, and as soon as you risk leaving, they will demand ransom," said Zarah Mahamat. She along with her family claimed to have tried to go to the market one day to buy vegetables for her children, who no longer have even rice to eat, and was stopped.

"I had to contact my parents in Bangui and they sent me the money to pay the ransom," she said through tears, still wearing the same tattered clothes she on had when she fled in May.

Another local resident, Jean-Claude Gbienza, blamed the United Nation's peacekeeping mission for provoking some of the violence in the region. He claimed that the forces arrived in May and started shooting randomly, causing any local defense groups that are also part of the anti-Balaka to retaliate against them by burning homes and fighting.

Yvette Siolo stated that her hand was pierced by a bullet when the United Nations forces came in shooting.

She said that the rest of her family has fled to neighboring Congo, on the other side of the river, for safety and security, and that even such a hope of protection is slim.

On an outgoing visit to Bangassou this week, United Nations Humanitarian Chief Stephen O'Brien insisted that the UN is there to assist the locals, and he warned of the growing violence from militias that leave the UN no choice but to defend themselves.

"We see the damaged community who became the victims of attacks and this is an alarming situation. This cycle of violence must stop," he said, calling for new support from the international community.

"If we do not act now and keep the faith, we will see the increasing need and even greater vulnerability of already weakened people," O'Brien said Tuesday.

The horrendous Humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic, requiring some $497 million annually, is only 24 percent funded as of now, the UN claims. The world governing body says nearly 2.4 million people are literally in a battle of life or death and are in need of immediate aid to survive.

During O'Brien's last visit, he saw children who haven't been to school for several months holding up signs that read, "No to this open prison" and "I have a right to life and education."

The Central African Republic has been consumed by brutal fighting since 2013, when the predominantly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in the capital, Bangui.

Anti-Balaka militias, mostly Christians, fought back, resulting in several thousands of people killed and hundreds of thousands displaced due to the destruction of the warring religions.

Attempts at any and all peace deals, including the latest signed in early June by more than a dozen of armed groups involved in the conflict, have failed.

The head of the UN peacekeeping force of around 12,000 troops has acknowledged that the mission is not enough to protect innocent civilians around the country and they simply do not have the resources or the manpower to prevent catastrophe.

The UN Refugee Agency says that more than 60,000 people have already fled into the remote northern Congo since this past May, with the majority being women and children, with most of them sleeping in the open wilderness fighting off wildlife and "desperately" in need of food and water due to contamination of local supplies and streams.

Disease and famine are both killing the Africans, which is insanely devastating considering the vast valuable resources that idle within the continent.

White farmers have been annihilated, all across the continent, leading to an even larger displacement as well as a shortage of locally grown food supplies.


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Monica No. 5361 2017-07-19 : 10:59

It's time to build a virtual wall around Africa and the middle east.

Helping them has failed and only has led to overpopulation. It's time these people sort things out by themselves.

For our future and safety it's essential that we do not allow them to export their way of live to western countries.

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Anonymous No. 5364 2017-07-19 : 15:54

Oh good, they are cleaning the world by themselves. Now cut off aid and we will finally be able to make Africa into a nice land without niggers,

Anonymous No. 5369 2017-07-19 : 21:24

okay but what is the proof that islam made them do this???????

Anonymous No. 5370 2017-07-19 : 21:55

There is no proof, it's a combination of conflicts getting worse especially when you throw in a bunch of money hungry arms dealers. You just have a bunch of shit stirrers thinking they're clever like the fuckwit demeaning niggers as though whites, chinese, etc are any better. Their logic is, if we can make enough excuses, then we can kill them all and steal their land, all those oil fields, diamond mines, gold, etc. If we shout about the white deaths, ignore the black, etc, etc. Instead of helping by stopping the arms dealers, etc we'll just become vultures.

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