By Major Burdock   |  07-19-2017   News

AMA's are live sessions during which a person allows the general public to "Ask Me Anything."

Reddit, while being operated by liberals, is nonetheless a stomping ground for plenty of Trump lovers and CNN haters. And boy did these folks take advantage of the monumental lapse in judgment by the gass-lit executives at CNN.

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Anonymous No. 5365 1500484978

I can't understand this chink, where the hell do you find these people? This is why nobody takes you seriously.

Anonymous No. 5368 1500491467

I believe she's Phillipino which would make sense as the guy who owns this site and 8chan, etc had to leave the U.S. in a hurry and now lives in the Phillipines with his family raising pigs, or is that the other way round. :)

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