By: Savannah Smith | 07-19-2017 | News
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Hot Dogs and Marshmallows for Ivanka’s Kid Party Make Haters Go Crazy

The pathetic hatred, vile and inanity of liberal Trump critics knows no bounds and spares no one and nothing- not even a joyous simple child’s birthday celebrations and innocent, harmless kids’ party food as grilled hot dogs and marshmallows.

On Monday afternoon, Ivanka Trump celebrated her daughter Arabella’s sixth birthday by throwing a children’s party at their Washington, D.C. residence. She took to social media to happily share videos and images from the simple PAW Patrol-themed party on her Instagram page. She posted some food photos at the children’s bash including the grilled hot dogs on sticks with grilled marshmallows on top and captioned the photo: “Keeping it healthy!”

The combination may not be usual to American practices which normally just put catsup or mustard on their hot dogs, but is the hot dogs-marshmallows combo enough reason for the haters to lose their minds, and throw vile at Ivanka? And in the process, show their ignorance that while the pair may be a strange combination in their eyes, and tastes, in some cultures the food pairing is not only normal but viewed with well, child-like delight, and a sure fixture in kids’ parties.

Some took to Twitter to express their shock and horror on the combination, with one asking:”Is that marshmallow and hot dog? Rich people are weird.” Another one quipped harshly on the trivial but sovereign basis of food choice: “The Trump family simply can not be trusted.”

There are also those who did not pass such an outrageous political judgment against Ivanka and her family on the hot dog-marshmallow new combo in their eyes unlike those vile comments above, but merely expressed curiosity, even interest in the food pair. One wrote: “I need to know more about this marshmallow and hot dog situation- is this a thing? Has anyone tried this?#mallowdogs

Good thing, the more enlightened ones quickly came to shed light on the “burning” issue. Some helpfully pointed that grilled hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks are a traditional Filipino dish- as popular, favorite kids’ appetizer at children’s parties, especially kids’ birthday celebrations in the Philippines, an Asian country, a close ally and former colony of the U.S.

The hot dogs and marshmallows on skewer combo is not even close to any significant or crucial burning political issue, it’s just a trivial, inexpensive, harmless, simple food to bring joy to a child’s birthday and her kiddie guests, yet it has been instrumental in demonstrating anew how vicious and mean politically-correct liberals could be. Everything and anything is a ‘battle’ worth fighting for them, no matter how ridiculous they look, and how much time and energy they waste on inconsequential things to hate on. Pathetic.


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Anonymous No. 5362 2017-07-19 : 11:02

How empty is ones life if all they have to do is attack a children's party?

Anonymous No. 5367 2017-07-19 : 19:06

How did you get liberal out of that, at no point were liberals mentioned, just some dumbasses talking about rich tastes, which they got wrong anyway.

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