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Polish NATO Army Colonel Arrested For Attempted Child Molestation

Earlier this spring, the newly constructed headquarters of the NATO units which will be stationed in Eastern Europe was opened in Elblag, Poland.

Half a year later, a high-ranking staff member of the NATO forces is now under investigation for alleged charges stemming from pedophilia and being accused as a vicious child predator.

The 52-year-old suspect is a Colonel of the Polish Armed Forces, Robert Orlowski. He was alleged to have had sexual relations voluntarily with a 14-year-old child, but was set up by a trap to be busted afterward by self-proclaimed "pedagogue hunters”.

The pedagogue hunters are also known as "hunters of pedophiles", and usually set traps for child predators and pedophiliacs who would seek to have some sort of arranged sexual encounter with a minor after setting up plans or payments to do so on the Internet.

In this particular case, the Colonel is alleged to have seduced and baited a fourteen-year-old girl and arranged for a private encounter between the child and himself.

It was unclear whether a minor was actually involved in "hunting", or if she was an innocent victim in the scenario of whom the pedophile hunters aided her rescue.

Sometimes minor children willingly participate in the trap to detain the creepy perverts and other times the internet sleuths track a pedophile for many months and as he or she gets close to the action they spring into the room to make the save by hacking or monitoring their communications in advance.

A joint operation between local police and the pedophile hunters resulted in the Colonel’s arrest. According to law enforcement officials, the 52-year-old NATO leader had on multiple occasions asked the child for sexual relations electronically.

Police seized the Colonel’s computer and electronic devices which are now currently being evaluated for anything else incriminating and the NATO offices will likely be investigated.

The colonel had now been suspended from his command position, as he awaits international charges for his disgusting actions.

“Colonel Robert Orłowski was the Chief of Staff of the Multinational Division North-East in Elblag, and by the decision of the Minister of Defense was removed from his post and transferred to the reserve personnel. In his place was appointed Brigadier General Adam Joks.” Ministry of Defense announced.


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