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Watch As This Pakistani Exorcism Goes Horribly Wrong

A young boy was allegedly tortured by demons during an exorcism by two self-proclaimed faith healers while performing an exorcism on him in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The boy was yesterday taken to the two self-proclaimed faith healers by his mother and her husband as she often had fits herself as a child allegedly possessed by demons and was presumed to be under the influence of some evil spirit.

“Each of the exorcist performing healers Amanullah and Abdul Hamid – in Noorang Abad, D G Khan, some 400 miles from Lahore-declared that Suraya Bibi had been under some evil influence and they would have to perform a strong exorcism,” Nazar Hussain, the boy's stepfather said.

The witnesses describe the situation as the wraith of the demonic entities coming forth from the underworld to destroy humanity.

Often times in Pakistan if such exorcisms are failed they result in the execution of the person possessed by being burnt to death in order to incinerate the spirits holding them hostage.


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