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Cybersecurity Expert Warns Myspace Security Wide Open - Delete Your Old Account

Avid social media users who had a Myspace accounts have probably left the account to gather digital dust overtime. This can be partly attributed to the many social media platforms that are springing up every day.

One cyber security expert has warned that you should delete your old account right away. It turns out that it's incredibly easy for hackers to gain access to old accounts and exploit the personal information they contain.

Myspace recovery process has been blasted by researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway as so flawed it deserves its own place in history. Galloway revealed that Myspace may no longer be relevant as a social media site, but its treatment of security is as relevant as ever.

She wrote in a blog post examining how easy it was to trick your way into an old account. Myspace only validates name, username and date of birth. The account holder’s full name and the username can be found from a simple Google. The username is located in the profile URL, and name is located on the profile page. Date of birth is probably the hardest of all three to obtain, but not impossible.

Fortunately, Galloway says she has notified Myspace, which is now owned by Time Inc, of the issue and only received an automated message in response. Although Myspace has seen usage drop dramatically in the last ten years, it still holds a huge amount of personal information.

Galloway has made it clear that people ought to delete their Myspace accounts while they still have access.

Sometime last year it emerged that Myspace was the subject of a huge database breach that dated back to 2013, compromising 350 million accounts.

The company responded with a blog post explaining that "as part of the major site re-launch in the summer of 2013, Myspace took significant steps to strengthen account security.

In response, the company emphasized that the compromise data is related to the period before those measures were implemented.


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