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IED Explodes In Canadian Truck Setting 4 On Fire

At a press conference, Winnipeg police have confirmed that a bomb exploded inside a truck which set four individuals on fire.

Winnipeg Police Service say that there was an improvised explosive device inside the vehicle while it was traveling.

Two victims, one a 27 year old male and a 20 year old female are now fighting for their lives in extremely dire circumstances in the hospital.

Two other victims, a 22 year old male and a 17 year old teen were both treated for serious burns but are expected to make a full recovery.

The explosion happened close to midnight the city's Brooklands neighborhood district during less than busy traffic hours.

Immediately after the explosion, the truck drove into a fire hydrant which was in the median at the intersection of Gallagher Avenue West and Midmar Avenue.

The improvised explosive device was inside of a bag in the rear cab of the truck when it accidentally went off,

“I am standing here because a bomb went off in a residential neighborhood,” said Cst. Rob Carver, with the Winnipeg Police Service at a Tuesday morning media briefing. “We do not believe this was designed to harm random people in the city.”

But it’s also not clear what the device was intended for, and officials aren't willing to rule out terrorism as if yet.

Strikingly enough, they're also not identifying the race or ethnicities of the individuals inside the truck at this time.

Carver went on to say, "The four victims who were injured were not intended victims.” As if common sense couldn't already equate this.

Canada has widespread open borders policies and a ‘Diversity is Strength’ mantra under Justin Trudeau, and has been long overdue for such policies to bite the hand which feeds them.

This is an ongoing investigation according to law enforcement.


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Anonymous No. 5348 2017-07-19 : 02:07

Oh shit, that was my alarm for the prayer call! Good thing there is a mosque wherever I go so I never have to worry of angering ALLAH, peace be to him.

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