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On #MandelaDay Remember The Tens Of Thousands Murdered Under Mandela’s Communist Terror

Nelson Mandela is a brutal Communist who allowed tens of thousands of innocent Africans to be murdered each and every year under his vicious regime.

While Liberals and Marxists give him praise, he deserves next to none. The man was a vile and heartless criminal.

Since Mandela death, nothing has changed either. Africa has a slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the never ending slow-motion white genocide of Afrikaners.

The real truth is that under the guise of the Leftist propaganda portraying of Mandela as some sort of happy and loving saint, that there lies a demonic and evil villain who's savagely allowed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children to die horrific deaths.

Through the marxist cloak there is a dark history of a violent past as a terrorist. Mandela was the founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, which is the the armed wing of the African National Congress.

Mandela was a cruel survivalist who played key role in the ANC’s drive of armed conflict after their attempts at a “general strike” failed miserably.

Their first recorded terrorist attacks took place in 1961. In 1962, Mandela left South Africa on an international trip to attempt to sway support for his bloody and racist struggle against the South African government.

Mandela bartered both drugs and guns in return for aid for his possession of control of the African National Congress with many Communist and anti-Western governments, including East Germany and Communist China.

Among the several Marxist and totalitarian countries that offered Mandela full support were Communist Cuba and the Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, which also considered itself as “anti-colonialist.”

Mandela’s international terror reign also involved activities such as detailed meetings on strategy with Algeria’s National Liberation Army. The same vile group responsible for over 350,000 thousand casualties.

Not only did Mandela act as an international agent for the ANC, but the Soviet Union provided massive amounts of external financial and military aid in return for resources that should have belonged to the African people given to Unkhonto we Sizwe.

In a demented timeline of international diplomacy, Mandela underwent intensive military training in Ethiopia, where he learned to sabotage, bomb civilians, and participated in guerrilla warfare.

Inevitably he returned to South Africa, and Mandela was arrested for leaving the country without a passport and for inciting the violence that had sprang across the continent.

Historically he and other terrorists of the ANC faced charges in the infamous Rivonia Trial. The government alleged 235 separate acts of sabotage and terrorism resulting from their actions. This is no man to be praised.

During the trial South African authorities were able to infiltrate and seize documents about Operation Mayibuye, Mandela’s bloody plan for a vicious military confrontation with the government which would have resulted in potentially hundreds of thousands of more casualties.

In America we call this treason, and Africa similarly decided the fate of Mandela as we was found guilty, along with almost all the other defendants.

International Communist pressures however forced the government to remove the death penalty and Mandela was sentenced only to life imprisonment rather than death, even though the government believed it had prevented a bloody civil war by capturing the Marxist terrorist.

Mandela was imprisoned before he could personally lead his own organization’s campaign of terror, but the bloodshed didn't stop from the Caliphate of death and destruction that Mandela had trained and built with global Communists.

Mandela’s group alongside the African National Congress went on to kill tens of thousands of innocent people all across the motherland.

Family members of Mandela created the nefarious “necklacing” technique, which was later endorsed by Mandela’s wife, Winnie, as a tactic to be used to accomplish their endgame.

Several brutal bombing campaigns continued on civilians through Mandela’s organization even while he was incarcerated, most notably the Church Street bombing which killed 19 people.

His terror cells also mined rural roads used by farmers, which killed at least 120 people, many of them black laborers. So much for black lives matter when you're killing your own people.

In fact it was never about the black people for Mandela or his ilk, it was about slaughtering the white man in any way, shape, or form; and acquiring power from the very people who built civilization in Africa.

In 1985, the South African government offered a deal to release Mandela if he agreed to repudiate violence as a means to bring about political change and end the conflict and campaign of terror.

He refused the offer from the government and kept motioning for it's destruction from behind bars. Mandela was later forced to admit that the African National Congress “routinely” used torture against suspected “enemy agents” as well as savagely murdered women and children.

The tactics and methods of the ANC’s violent activities were not directed at the apartheid government but against the Zulus and their political movement, the Inkatha Freedom Party, contrary to what Mandela and Liberals would have you believe.

He savagely killed anyone who stood in the way of his attempted grasp on power, and the black men and women of various tribes were burned alive, beheaded, raped, executed, and hung in violent fashion for not submitting to his goals.

The White man and his children however would be the primary target of Mandela’s terror cell, with many saying that over 630,000 innocent white women, children, and their fathers were tortured for weeks on end until their bodies became lifeless.

It is said that they would chop off fingers, toes, ears, tiny chunks of flesh, beating, torturing, and raping Whites until they finally died, regardless if that took hours, days, or weeks.

Eventually after his release, Mandela was willing to indulge in musical fantasies about killing Whites and still encouraged it as a way of life.

At the time of his trial, Mandela denied being a member of the Communist Party which the entire intellectual world knows is a complete and utter lie.

Not only did Mandela work directly with the Communist Party of South Africa, but the African National Congress was sustained financially and supported by the Soviet Union and the brutal Bolshevik remnants across the planet.

Mandela refused to ever renounce any of his ties with Communist leaders. Even the Huffington Post, which is a bias Leftist publication, chose to casually reported on the close relationship between Nelson Mandela and Communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Including such association and violent tactics as used by Mandela, Margaret Thatcher once condemned the African National Congress in 1987 as a “typical terrorist organization,” and said that anyone who thought they would ever run the government was “living in cloud cuckoo land.” Even the Conservative Party itself distributed propaganda calling for him to be hanged for his atrocities.

The United States listed the African National Congress as a terrorist organization until 2008, and President Ronald Reagan strongly resisted the efforts to impose any sanctions on the beleaguered South African government.

While Mandela’s past as a Communist terrorist is undeniable, in some ways his reinvention and rebranding by the Marxist press as a “reconciliator” is worse. Pushing propaganda to make this vile and savage evil living in human flesh as a hero disgusts even the most desensitized man.

It is true that as President of South Africa, Mandela did not unleash a new bloody campaign directed by the state military of violence against whites. They used subversion under the darkness of night to send armed militias into the homes of the White farmers and murder them and their children, off record, while the media never batted an eye.

Mandela maintained the economic system for the benefit of those already in power, while systematically oppressing middle class and working class whites, especially Afrikaners who survived from farming. None of these actions were particularity surprising, considering Mandela and the ANC’s history of terror.

The African National Congress even being aligned with the Communists, they were able to have received far friendlier treatment from big business than did their nationalist white Boer rivals.

Behind a shroud of secrecy the government would operate meetings that were held between the African National Congress and South African business leaders even as the guerrilla war continued, and British business interests were instrumental in setting up talks between Afrikaner elites and the ANC.

There was no fair chance for the captains of industry and the would-be leaders of an independent Boer Republic, suggesting that business leaders feared Eugene Terre’Blanche’s failed concept of an economy run for the “folk” more than they feared black rule.

In the secret negotiations that preceded the end of white rule, the ANC, business leaders, and the ruling National Party formed a united front against Boer nationalists and Afrikaner patriots, even to the point of opposing leaders such as General Constand Viljoen, who betrayed a Boer secessionist plan by assisting Mandela in exchange for a promise that a Boer homeland would be honored for the Whites.

Once Mandela got the concessions he wanted, he refused any such consideration and instead many “accidents” began occurring to the White leadership which remained as they were found “mysteriously” dead.

President Mandela and his new savage regime concentrated on assaulting Whites publicly through other means, as not to draw focus to the deaths that were occurring in the darkness.

Mandela dedicated official actions to a publicized symbolic effort if removing Whites of any collective economic, social, or political identity. Mandela won praise for letting “Afrikaner leaders” such as F.W. De Klerk serve in his government, but this was nothing more than propaganda while continuing his working relationship with Communist collaborators.

Even to the black communities and tribes, poverty among them as well as Afrikaners has soared in the years since the end of apartheid, with thousands reduced to living in squatter camps.

The worst of the continental suffering being in South Africa, which has one of the highest crime rates in the world, and is famous for its gated communities and private security companies protecting of course the resources while there is little to no value on human life.

The nation also has the world's highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection, which isn’t helped by black government officials who think the cure is a diet heavy in garlic, or simply drinking less water.

Mandela’s ignorant response has been to criticize the media for focusing too much on the heavy crime that he did nothing to stop. Typical “dindu nuffin” attitude from the man who is supposed to have been praised for restoring a nonexistent prosperity to Africa.

Much of these failures of Mandela are what is now widely accepted as the opening stages of genocide against Boer farmers, and many in the right say Mandela implemented Anti-White racial preferences even as Whites were being slaughtered daily and became an all but powerless minority.

Heartbreaking images of brutally beaten or savagely tortured Whites have appeared almost daily, many times with the images being of children and their families who have been murdered and raped inside their homes.

The truth is Mandela is a savage, and a vile and monstrous demonic spirit that hopefully is burning in hell for all of eternity. Research the situation yourself, and know that the White Genocide that has been perpetuated since the end of Apartheid in fact only continued and the numbers keep increasing.

Mandela’s “legacy” should be remembered as exactly that, a twenty four hour a day campaign of Communist backed bloodshed and atrocities against every living person in the continent of Africa. He is not a hero, he's a literal demon from hell.


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Anonymous No. 5333 2017-07-18 : 20:37

Well said. Mandela is indeed a Communist and a terrorist.

Anonymous No. 5340 2017-07-18 : 23:23

What a load of shit, but hey no surprise there, interesting though that you utterly failed to mention the slaughters,etc commited by your little faggoty apartheid fucks, let me guess you want 'the south to rise again', then again it makes sense after all, what was the standard tactic, oh yes I remember rape and kill your target'usually little girls, or the odd boy', then blame a nigger and have a picnic while watching them burn. I wonder how many still have their chicjenshit 'mementoes'. Southern pussies, no wonder you wore 'yella'

Anonymous No. 5343 2017-07-18 : 23:58

So you're saying Mandela didn't bomb school buses regularly and didn't invent necklacing?

Anonymous No. 5350 2017-07-19 : 02:27

There was a part of the organisation that used violence, you're absolutely correct, however in regards to the 1 claim regarding a school bus there has never been any real evidence linking him to such a crime. He did sign off on violence against various people, events, places, etc. In that regard he is in essence exactly the same as the IRA, SINN FEIN, Jerry Adams, etc who were burning, bombing, shooting, necklacing, kneecapping, etc. There where at least 3 main sides over in Ireland, the above IRA, the Provos, the Brits, etc, hell the IRA helped train Al Quaeda along with every fucker else, try seeing how many innocents they hurt, in Ireland and over in Britain. Sorry I got off the point, as regards necklacing, no he didn't Sri Lanka back in the '60's was doing it for a start, it didn't turn up in S.A. until the mid '80's, one of it's originators is believed to be the U.S.S.R, where it it thought to have been invented as a terror/fear and destabilisation tool for communist, facist and anarchist agitators inthe west to use in aiding disruption.

I agree that Mandela has been overblown as some saint figure, but I just refuse to ignore the data/facts I have, the same as I won't pretend my or other country, race, religion, whatever are necesseraly any better.

There's a saying, lead by example? Why should you expect better of others if you are incapable of it yourself?

Anonymous No. 5384 2017-07-20 : 03:36

You sort of missed the point.

My point was only to say that he was a violent communist and not fit to be looked up to.

You want a real role model? Try Buddha, Jesus, or Gandhi.

Anonymous No. 5420 2017-07-20 : 18:05

I see, if you note in my comment about Mandaela being over blown I agree with you to a large degree(although Ghandhi isn't as clean either). I was merely correcting the claims against him, he like many in similar positions have used when needed, then later when the dust settles the public get the cleaned up version, after all no one likes a tainted hero. I can point at most alleged heroes and raise facts that mar their 'heroism',churchill, lincoln, ghandhi, jesus, etc, not one of them are totally 'pure'. I think that people should always be aware that their heroes have dirty feet.

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