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Abe Shinzo: Trump is a leader I can have confidence in

"Trump is a leader I can have confidence in", the Prime Minister of Japan stated Thursday, after meeting with the President-Elect in New York for a 90-minute discussion. The two were predominantly concerned with "building trust", an act that apparently left Abe with a good impression.

Abe assures the United States that Japan intends on maintaining a good relationship. "The Japan-US alliance is the cornerstone of Japan's diplomacy", he said, in response to Trump's general campaign and the media that surrounded it. The Prime Minister has also chosen to dissuade anyone in the country from being too fearful of anything Trump has said during the campaign, and that it will all blow over – a potentially necessary response after rumors of Japan's uneasiness have come to surface.

The meeting was called "frank" as well as "candid" by Abe, leaving a desirable impression. Photographs of the two have been taken, revealing a cheery-looking Abe, and Trump's own daughter, Ivanka, also makes an appearance. Apparently, Ivanka's husband, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, was offered a job. While we don't know for sure if the retired general accepted, these kinds of exchanges spell good intentions for the President-to-be.

While we've been unable to gauge what exactly Trump has learned from the experience, it's evident he has been seeing a slew of important political figures in his Trump Tower, striving to make allies. Trump seems to strongly desire the bonds he has with international forces, including Japan, though he shows concern for North Korea's influence on the nearby country, hoping that Japan chooses to ignore any offers.

Japan, under Abe's jurisdiction, has been focusing more on its national defense as of late – and it’s standing of power in the modern world. Abe has shown no interest thus far in coordinating with North Korean forces. This would please Trump, who wants nothing to do with the country… and although Abe has said nothing about Trump's views on the Paris treaty, he seems confident in the President-elect. While we can't be sure what the future holds, we shouldn't fear any discord between the U.S. and Japan.

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