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SpaceX Announces Plan to Launch 4000+ Satellites to Bring Universal Internet Coverage to Earth

According to Popular Mechanics, it seems as though the private company SpaceX is planning on launching upwards of 4000 satellites around the earth to give the planet universal internet coverage. Elon Musk, the eccentric man behind SpaceX, stated that he planned on starting with covering the United States and then will move on to covering the rest of the world.

Now, progressives have been saying for years that the government must step up to provide universal internet access for those who don't have access to it. They declared it a universal human right that everyone should have easy access to the internet, regardless of their status or location. As with everything else the progressives try, their plan was a top-down, federal government solution to the issue. Also, as with everything else the federal government does, any plan to complete the progressive's agenda on this would have been bloated, corrupt, and inefficient.

However, look what happens when the private sector steps into the field. Instead of forcing the taxpayers to pay for something that they do not want and something which is usually handled by the private sector anyways, the private sector comes in and finds a much better solution to the problem. The federal government would have completed it slowly, corruptly, and filled with favors to political cronies. The private sector is now finding a solution to the problem without all of that.

That is what makes America great! We aren't like the bloated European Union that stifles creation with unelected bureaucrats! Our private sector is much more efficient and much more capable than the government could ever be!

In addition, the void that SpaceX is filling is the void that was created when cutbacks were made at NASA. Instead of innovation ending, it has exploded in the private sector since the cutbacks were made. Progressives always talk about how we can't cut back any government programs, since it would adversely affect people who rely upon them. However, this just shows that the private sector can do the same things as the government, with a much better outcome!

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