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Girl Bullied By British Classmates for Being Polish Found Hanged in School

A 16-year-old girl found hanged in a school toilet is believed to be a victim of campus bullying and racism in England. She was taunted and mocked for being Polish.

Dagmara Przybysz, a student at Pool Academy in Redruth, Cornwall, England was discovered in the toilet near the math department in May 2016. Her mother said that she was called names in school, and even overheard such racist comments thrown at her daughter as “stupid Pole.”

The teenager also once shared to her boyfriend that she had been told in school to “go back to your own country.” Przybysz had lived in Britain with her family for nine years.

The girl tried to adjust and still have a good time in school. In fact, the aspiring photographer had been looking forward to her school prom and shopping for a dress with her mother. She had even gained a spot to study photography at Truro College.

Her mother said that unfortunately, the taunts at school persisted. Her daughter had been having trouble with some of the girls at her school. She particularly mentioned to her mother an incident that took place just mere days before her death when one girl had called her “Dagmara names.”

The grieving mother said: “I don’t know whether these incidents were racist in nature. However, I can say that on several occasions she overheard comments such as ‘stupid Pole’.”

A pastoral support worker told the court, however, that she was not aware of any racism problems Przybysz had in school.

The girl’s boyfriend and most of her friends all attended a different school. The day before she was discovered dead, she was taken to the hospital by an uncle. She hurt herself after punching a wall during a PE class. She told her uncle that she was angry because some girls were laughing at her.

The morning before her death, she even called the same uncle while crying and told him she had taken some tablets. Her parents insisted that she go to a school that day when they thought there were no physical signs that she was unwell.

Her teachers describe her as a “lovely girl”. Dagmara was said to be also worried about her exams and concerned that she may have dyslexia.

The inquest continues and is expected to last for three days. It is still not fully clear whether bullying led to the girl’s death.


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Anonymous No. 5316 2017-07-18 : 12:42

I hope the English go extinct, they are cockroaches in human form.

Anonymous No. 5318 2017-07-18 : 13:19

punched a wall?

maybe she should have tried punching those sluts in the face. that'd shut em up.

suicide is never the answer.

Anonymous No. 5326 2017-07-18 : 17:04

Let me guess, usually an American, how's your attempt to get rid of any one with a different color or religion? you racist prick.

5318, I agree, the trouble is usually that the teachers won't get involved instead of doing their jobs.

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