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Photo credit: Tribune

Police say they responded to a somewhat amusing but at the same time disturbing call this week, from a man who called 911 to say he was sold a bad batch of methamphetamine.

Law enforcement say that once they arrived to the scene where Kevin Reffruschinni, the caller, told them to go, which was in the parking lot of the Fiesta Mexicana restaurant on Mormon Coulee road, the man was increasingly intoxicated on an unknown substance.

Police say that Reffruschinni, 48, then admitted that he was high and didn’t want “the kids” to buy the bad meth, which he said was in a suitcase stashed at railroad tracks nearby the parking lot.

Once the arriving officers inspected the suitcase they then found meth in three aluminum foil wrappers in a front pockets of the suitcase.

Reffruschinni, of 2419 George Place, was later arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine and bail jumping for a prior charge.

However the La Crosse County District Attorney's office declined to file charges.


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