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Trump chooses Senator Sessions for Attorney General

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who jumped aboard the Donald Trump Train long before the real estate mogul sewed up the Republican nomination, on Friday accepted the offer for attorney general, Fox News has confirmed.Introducing the next Attorney-General of the United States, who served 12 years as a US Attorney, two as Alabama's AG, and 20 years in the US Senate as the Junior Senator from Alabama: The Honorable Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III!His full name is maximum southern class and is very dapper.

Sessions is known for his hard-line views on taking on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.Strong on immigration, gun rights and the constitution. Just what we need. Remember how many people doubted the Pence pick and how genius that became? The Left is freaking out about having an AG that will actually uphold rather than subvert America's laws.Will Sessions indict Hillary Rodham Clinton?

So far, Sessions has not taken a stance, although he said that the Clinton Foundation should be investigated. When asked specifically about if Hillary should be in jail, back in July, he declined to comment.

In my opinion, that leaves him as "unbiased" so he can do whatever is appropriate. (we all know what's appropriate)

Sessions believes strongly that marijuana is an evil substance and that the Obama administration's enforcement of drug laws has been weak. Now that Sessions could be in the driver's seat at the U.S. Justice Department, that could soon change.Sessions is on the record saying that the "Just Say No" prevention campaigns from 30 years ago sent the right message and that good people don't smoke pot.Also, Mr.President-elect Donald Trump has said he would let the states decide on marijuana. It will have to be delisted at the federal level before the states technically have any rights in this matter. The states are falling pretty quickly now. California legalization is huge. I think Trump can convince the Republicans that this is a cash cow waiting to happen.I think at some point Trump will realize how rescheduling would be YUGE for the economy. Banks could take money from pot businesses, and then HEMP could be farmed! Hemp is big money.This is one of the things that needs to happen on day one.Let's wait and see.

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