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Photo credit: Mark Freely | FB

Video: Brave Puppers Saves Baby Deer From Drowning

What should have been a free roaming time for Mark Freeley’s weekend walk on a Long Island beach, it started like every other. Just him and his two dogs, Storm, and Sarah enjoying their time with other dogs he cares for from the Last Chance Animal Rescue group.

However in a shocking turn of events only a few minutes into the walk, Storm gazed at something floating in the distant harbor and sprang into action, swimming to investigate.

Mark Freeley was a bit surprised by the dog's actions so he started filming when he saw that Storm was fighting to try and drag something back onto the shore.

He says that he couldn’t tell what it was at first, but, as Storm got closer he could see an injured baby deer in the mouth of his dog.

Mark was shocked but Storm was able to swim dragging the fawn to the shore with the help of some encouraging words from his owner and barks from Sarah.

Once the tiny fawn was safely onshore, Storm stood watch of the deer until a representative from Strong Island Animal Rescue and a veterinarian could arrive to assist.

Fortuna for the deer, the vet was able to get the fawn to her car and is now being treated. The fawn is expected to make a full recovery according to the veterinarian.

The video has gone viral on social media and people are literally in awe of the dog's uncanny bravery and ability to care for another creature.


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